The circus continues (Image by Charles Krupa/AP Photo)

The circus is already in full swing in New England (Image by Charles Krupa/AP Photo)

 Oh geez. As if the media circus that was Tim Tebow in New York wasn’t bad enough, practically everyone is reporting that he has signed with the New England Patriots. What you actually thought he would go to Arena Football or even the CFL? Ha! Nothing less then the NFL is good enough for God’s QB. It is worth mentioning that there are some positive aspects to this story. First off, Tebow is now reunited with Josh McDaniels, his former coach in Denver who drafted him in the 1st round. Secondly there’s the possibility his athleticism would be used in roles that don’t involve chucking the football downfield. However, getting Bill Belichick to spill the beans on that is a tough task, to say the least.

Seriously, who are we kidding here? Tim Tebow is not an NFL QB plain and simple. He can’t throw as evidenced by a horrendous completition percentage in his career, not to mention his TD-to-INT ratio. He might even be worse then Brandon Weeden. Brandon Weeden of all people! There’s also the small matter of the Pats having a guy named Brady at the position already, so good luck getting snaps there Timmy. This was actually a step down for Tebow as he’ll be third on the depth chart behind Brady and Ryan ‘Whoops’ Mallett. The indignity of being buried behind Mallett will definitely grate The Chosen One.

There’s also the matter of all the media attention that surrounds him. Last year with the Jets he was constantly answering questions about whether he wanted to start or not. Of course he wanted to start! What backup QB wouldn’t want to start?! ‘Nah, I’m good just getting paid to stand around with a clipboard’. Now granted this was the New York media, but can you name the last benchwarming QB who got all this coverage? Then again, you can be sure Belichick will not tolerate any of this and control Tebow’s media access. On the flip side, this is great news for ESPN. If Tebow were to pull a muscle at practice, it automatically becomes the lead story on Sportscenter. They’re infatuated with him. None more then Skip Bayless who probably pissed his pants when he heard that Tebow was headed to New England and will start clamoring for him to take over everytime Brady has a bad play.

For all the possible negatives associated with this move, going to New England was the best move for Tebow. This is a franchise that is focused on winning football and not media distraction. He could perhaps refine his mechanics under Brady, but it’s more likely he’ll fill an all-purpose role where he could line up as a TE or in the backfield to block, catch passes or use his considerable skills as a runner. Don’t expect the Pats to change to a wildact or other exotic offense though, as Tebow and his skills will have to fit within their system. If there’s anyone who can make Tebow a success in the NFL it’s Belichick, who has handled tougher reclamation projects, such as Randy Moss and Corey Dillon, in the past.