Fans of Doritos chips have likely noticed that the snack maker is trying their hand at about as many different flavors as they can think of… or so it seems.

The Tailgate BBQ Doritos, which are apparently inspired by Madden 11 (an NFL football video game, for the 2% of you who don’t know about it), are a good chip, but while the bag design is one which just hit the market, they’re not exactly a new flavor.  At least, not significantly.

For anyone who tries a majority of the flavor offerings from Doritos, you might remember a Spicy Sweet Chili flavor they had in previous years, and while those weren’t appropriately named, they were good.

For those of you who never had those or don’t remember what they tasted like, let me give you the run down, because that’s what the Tailgate BBQ Doritos taste a little bit like.

They’re not spicy, first and foremost, hence the fact that this name doesn’t feature that attribute.  They’re nice and BBQ-y, with a little bit of sweet, a little bit of smokey, a little bit of tangy.

Next time I’m at the store picking up things for friends to come over, I’d be very likely to pick up a bag.  I don’t know how long these chips will be in stores, as Doritos likes to change things up, so if you like BBQ chips, you’ll want to give these a try.

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