NXT: The NXT mentor spot

There are many types of wrestling fans in the world, but I think it breaks down into two main types. Those who only watch WWE programing and those who follow other promotions whether or not they watch WWE. When WCW and ECW were bought out by Vince McMahon most people didnt know that there were still other alternatives to WWE, besides the guys who wrestled at your high school every couple months. Just like in the 80s and early 90s vcr tape trading was the main way you got toRead More

WWE Misses Opportunities With New US Champion


The May 5th, 2014 edition of Monday Night RAW began with a 20-Man Battle Royal for the United States Championship. Having battled in a 3-on-1 handicap match the week prior, not to mention the hellacious six-man tag match at Extreme Rules the night before, it should come as no surprise that Dean Ambrose lost the belt. The odds were more than against him. Missed opportunities aplenty, the WWE made a mistake. Thus far I’ve avoided giving any SPOILERS, but this is where that ends. SPOILERS to follow. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.Read More

RAW 4/14/2014 Results, Analysis and Questions

For just one week, I take over the RAW recap article duties and bring back the article series I once authored. If you’re not familiar with how I do things, here’s the lowdown: I give you not just the RAW 4/14/2014 results, but my analysis AND some random questions (some of which are supposed to be funny). Let’s get this started. Warrior Tribute As this is the first show following the untimely passing of The Ultimate Warrior, and the roster took to the stage to open the show in tribute.Read More

Rumored WWE DVDs in 2014 part 2

WWE tries to market their DVD releases to the broadest market as possible, but every once in awhile they take a risk. Once a year or so they release something geared towards the old crowd like the Mid-South and WCCW sets, they will toss a bone to the internet fans ocassionally, and sometimes they jsut throw stuff against the wall to see if it sticks. With the WWE Network on the horizon WWE needs more fresh content and what better way then to release a few single disc DVDs andRead More


It’s time again to look ahead to what WWE has planned for the DVD/Blu Ray market in the coming year. Every year there are tons of rumors and some of them make to stores and some never see the light of day. 2013 actually allowed a lot of fans to cross heavily desired matches and wrestlers off their dvd want list. 2013 saw Goldberg get a match compilation, HHH get a new set with documentary including a rare out of character interviews with Undertaker, Best Of Madison Square Garden, aRead More

WWE RAW Results Review from 10/21/2013


Here’s a run-down of what transpired on the October 21, 2013 edition of WWE Monday Night RAW and some corresponding analysis. Big Show Interrupted Triple H and Stephanie McMahon This was a standard segment for the most part that didn’t feature much out of the ordinary. We have been seeing the same thing from Show, HHH and Stephanie for weeks now, but this was a logical follow-up to the conclusion of last week’s Raw. Show appearing on the Titantron despite being “fired” was strange, but Stephanie questioned that later inRead More

RAW Review – October 7, 2013: A Second Take

Here’s a run-down of what happened on the first show coming out of the WWE Battleground pay per view. Stephanie McMahon Called Out Big Show Stephanie is a much better heel than she is a heel, and her mic work in this segment is pure proof of that. She has been doing a great job portraying a unlikable heel in recent weeks and this promo was no different. It was a refreshing change of pace to see Show actually stand up for himself and not cry, but everything else aboutRead More

WWE RAW Results 10/7/2013: The Best & Worst Parts


Don’t adjust your computer, you’re not hallucinating. That’s right, our regular RAW coverage guy Nathan has something else going on tonight, so he asked me to fill in for him. I’ve stepped back from my GuysNation Wrestling Podcast preparation for a bit and put this article together for you. Never fear, I’ll still be ready when my co-host Jon hits record. Here are some of my comments about RAW, with some of the things I liked, and some of the things I didn’t. Big Show saying he knocked out DanielRead More

WWE debuts new Superstar Collection series

In wrestling like other sports or any ongoing series like comics or a tv series you want to hook them young. Younger minds are more impressionable and drive merchandise sales. While a lot of DVD sets are geared towards adults who want to relive their past, recently WWE has been doing more to focus on promoting their current roster with DVD sets.  The past few years we have had releases like the best PPV matches of the past year, and the best Raw/Smackdown matches of the last year and someRead More

Future WWE DVD/Blu Ray releases

  As you may know from my previous articles I enjoy reliving my favorite matches from years past as well as re-watching my favorite matches from recent history. Over the years I’ve bought many DVDs, even a few VHS, and now have started my blu ray wrestling collection. WWE has done pretty good job with their home video releases even if their documentary portions tend to re-write history on occasion. We are almost halfway through 2012 and so far this year we have seen The Best of Raw and SmackdownRead More