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Its a Good Time to be sports fan!


GUYSNATION! To quote Robert Plant, “Its been a long time…” 18 months. I’d love to say I traveled the globe, wrote a novel, or performed a one man comedy show off Broadway. Truth is? I’m just lazy, but? Like the deadbeat son who backpacks around Europe and you hear nary a word from for years? I’ve shown up on your doorstep and all I ask is a bed, a warm shower, some food, and could you lend a dudeman a couple hundred till I get back on my feet? (I’llRead More

Kickas In Liverpool (Landon and Clint Ball so Hard)

Ball So Hard… Americans wanna find me. In roughly three hours from my first key stroke, yes I’m “deadlining” here… The ball will be kicked off in the most anticipated soccer game revolving around Americans, either the WOmen’s World Cup Final, or the debut of new USMNT Coach, Jurgen Klinsman. No, I’m not talking about an international game, to Qualify for a spot in this Summer’s Olypmpics, like the US Women’s National Team compete in (but you should check that out too) – or even another International Friendly for theRead More

An Englishman’s guide to Football for Americans

Hello to all my American…¬†acquaintances I can’t say cousins, because as far as I know I don’t have any family over there, although coming from a catholic family on my mothers side I seem to have a lot of relatives I never knew about so maybe, who knows! Anyway, first off I’d like to thank Rob for inviting me to join this site, I do occasionally have things I’d like to get off my chest and have own views and opinions on things, so lets gets started shall we? AndRead More