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2013 College Football: Disappointments & Surprises

The college football prognostication series continues with a look at the what could be the biggest disappointments and surprises of the upcoming season. Some are obvious, while there are others you might not expect. Of course there are sure to be a few that come out of nowhere during the season, such as Texas A&M beating Alabama, Notre Dame getting to the National Title Game or Texas continuing its downward trend from last year. Letdowns Johnny Manziel With such sky high expectations there is sure to be some sort ofRead More

The Anatomy of an NCAA Scandal

In news that isn’t really news, Tim Pernetti, the now former Athletic Director at Rutgers University has “resigned” amidst the scandal over the Mike Rice video. I say “resigned” in quotes because it wasn’t voluntary and I say it isn’t news because we all knew it was coming. In fact, these college scandals — all of them — have become sorely formulaic. They’re like bad action movies. Or, thrillers, I guess in this case. Maybe the characters are different and the setting is new, but we all know what’s goingRead More

Monday Morning Point Guard? Thoughts From Selection Sunday

The beauty of the NCAA Tournament schedule is that it gives us three full days to analyze and pick apart who got seeded where in the bracket. It’s like the Oscars of sports, really. We can stand over the water cooler and debate who got snubbed, who got lucky, and who got exactly what they deserved. And that’s exactly what’ll happen here right now. Like any fan, as team after team flashed up on the screen — and as Greg Gumbel stumbled over line after line — several immediate thoughtsRead More

Projecting the NCAA Field – Selection Sunday FINAL BRACKET PREDICTION

This is it, my final answer. All conference tournaments are over which means it’s on to the REALLY fun stuff. And in, oh, say, about an hour, the bracket will below will either look like it was created by Nostradamus or someone wearing tin foil on their head. Personally, my money’s on the latter. We had four basketball games today, down from 50 something two days ago, which makes it a hell of a lot easier to describe how the bracket forecast has changed. I’ve maintained since Duke lost, ifRead More

The GN National Signing Day Report

National Signing Day seems to become a bigger and bigger event every year. Most of it is due to media-generated hype and attention, but if college football continues to see its popularity rise, why is it so weird that one of the biggest days of the college football calendar does as well. Once again we have our Class Rank Index, a less-than-scientific effort to try and quantify which schools got how much talent. The objective of the exercise is to get rid of biases, which is why you won’t seeRead More

2012 College Football: Big Ten Preview

With divisions like Leaders and Legends, you’d expect the B1G to be a force, but that hasn’t really been the case. Plus those are lame names anyways. Calling them Lancaster and York and the B1G Title game the War for the Rose would at least be clever. Both the SEC and Big 12 have been more aggressive in expansion, with the formerĀ grabbing MissouriĀ from the B1G. It doesn’t help that Wisconsin has lost the last two Rose Bowls, the conference’s signature bowl game. If Michigan loses to Bama in the firstRead More

Recruit Burns Ohio State Letter

Logan Tuley-Tillman is a mammoth offensive tackle prospect for 2013 from Peoria, Illinois. He’s been highly sought after by several of the top programs in the nation, including Alabama, Florida State, Boise State, USC, West Virginia and his home state Illinois. Those schools lost out to Michigan when Tuley-Tillman verbally committed to the Wolverines this past February. That hasn’t stopped schools from trying to pry him away. One of those schools is Ohio State who sent him some recruiting letter. It’s safe to say that he has no interest inRead More

Urban Meyer Adds Meaning to Ohio State Spring Game


As has become a tradition for many top-tier university football programs, Ohio State University has an annual spring game. This year, as his prospective players were split into two squads, new head coach Urban Meyer added some extra meaning to the game. The losing squad would get mandatory community service. Contested on April 21st, “Gray” came up short against “Scarlet” with a final score of 20-14 in front of a crowd which reportedly exceeded 80,000. Source: Yahoo Sports

Notes From the Final Four

Well, folks, the championship game is set. The mighty Kentucky Wildcats will play a surprising Kansas Jayhawks team for the national title tomorrow night. But the focus in the NCAA tournament always seems to be around the Final Four and not the title game itself. Accordingly, who am I to not join in? Last night’s game weren’t anything too memorable but they are nonetheless worth talking about. Here are some thoughts I had while watching the various regional champions do battle yesterday. Kansas-Ohio State Was More ‘Spring Training’ Than ‘MarchRead More

Notes From the Elite Eight

A second weekend of basketball tournament action is in the books and we have our Final Four. Kentucky, Louisville, Ohio State, and Kansas will go to New Orleans but only one will leave as the national champion. But the famous Road to the Final Four was not without some noteworthy points as it came to its final destination Saturday and Sunday. Here’s a quick glance back at some things the Elite Eight taught us this year. Kentucky Wins Comfortably … Again At this point, there’s no other way to sayRead More