Squared-Circle Jerk (@S_C_Jerk) for 8/18/11

Morning, loyal Jerk readers…got nothing but love for ya. — The good thing about Summer Slam in 2011 is that it makes any recaps I might want to do about SD moot in point. Seriously, I watched SD and, aside from laughing at how he announcers try and cover up that it was a new guy under the Sin Cara mask, it was relatively boring. But, SummerSlam erased the need for the discussion. As we all know, the main highlight was that John Cena lost to CM Punk, who inRead More

Wrestler Releases Highlight WWE Creative Failures

After the television tapings for Smackdown were finished, WWE came to terms on the releases of five of its competitors. These roster cuts provide evidence as to the short-comings of WWE’s creative team. For years WWE has failed to adequately utilize the talent on their rosters, and the competitors on this list are indicative of those failures. David Hart Smith Unquestionably the WWE creative team dropped the ball with the Hart Dynasty, but that’s another symptom of WWE’s neglect of their tag team division as a whole. Even if theyRead More

WWE SummerSlam Live Blog

We’re live blogging WWE SummerSlam, and no introduction needed, let’s jump right into it. Intercontinental Title Match – Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler (c) Kofi Kingston very early on does a suicide dive and shows us why it’s called a SUICIDE dive… no one home. Dolph Ziggler wants this match to end quickly to get a count out victory… who would’ve guessed that Vickie Guerrero’s boyfriend wants something to end quickly? Did Michael Cole JUST realize that Vickie Guerrero / Dolph Ziggler is a conflict of interest? I just realizedRead More

How WWE SummerSlam is Shaping Up

We’re less than two weeks away from WWE SummerSlam, and so far there are only three official matches on the card, but we’ve had plenty of hints as to things yet to come, so let’s see what the SummerSlam card might look like.  Given the wildly popular “Questions Stemming From…” articles I write, it would be counter-productive for me to read any spoilers, so don’t expect that this article has any knowledge of what happens on Smackdown. Matches We Know Randy Orton qualified the day after Money In The BankRead More

Wonderful Women of Pro-Wrestling

Between WWE and TNA wrestling, the landscape of beautiful and talented women in the business is vast at current, and I’d like to take a moment to go through my list of how I’d rank them in terms of their status, using various characteristics which I won’t name until they come across in the article. Enjoy some pictures of a few of the ladies as we go through the list as well. Rosa Mendes I think Rosa’s big time in the WWE is yet to come.  She played her roleRead More

TNA’s Turning Point and the Youth Movement

Greetings, fellow wrestling fans! After much deliberation, a pretty solid card, and the impending appearance of Hulk Hogan — whenever THAT may be — I had decided to order TNA Turning Point tonight.  However, due to technical difficulties on my end, and by technical difficulties I mean my Verizon Fios set-top box flipping me the proverbial bird, I did not get to order the PPV after all.  I fully intended on delivering a live play-by-play, hold-for-hold, blown-spot for blown-spot, totally unbiased blogging, complete with a smattering of self-indulgence for whenever Madison Rayne’s booty appearedRead More