Madison Square Garden


We Can’t Hear You – CAPS Win in Overtime

Game four between the Washington Capitals was played up at Madison Square Garden and the talk during the days leading up to the game was that Bruce Boudreaux had dismissed the noise level at Madison Square Garden and that he thought the Washington DC crowd was louder.  When the Rangers went up 2 to 0 during the second period, the fans started a chant: Can you hear us.  Everyone could.  In years past, I would have given up hope, down by 3 in the 2nd period.  But I held on. Read More

TNA’s Turning Point and the Youth Movement

Greetings, fellow wrestling fans! After much deliberation, a pretty solid card, and the impending appearance of Hulk Hogan — whenever THAT may be — I had decided to order TNA Turning Point tonight.  However, due to technical difficulties on my end, and by technical difficulties I mean my Verizon Fios set-top box flipping me the proverbial bird, I did not get to order the PPV after all.  I fully intended on delivering a live play-by-play, hold-for-hold, blown-spot for blown-spot, totally unbiased blogging, complete with a smattering of self-indulgence for whenever Madison Rayne’s booty appearedRead More