College Football Week 8: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good Mizzourah: When the Tigers upset Georgia last week, there was some talk that they got lucky. This week the naysayers got shown up yet again when Missouri upended Florida in another big win. All of a sudden they’re undefeated and sitting atop the SEC East and if they can beat South Carolina next week, then only a total collapse would prevent them from taking the division. Needless to say it’s time to give Missouri the respect they’re due and it looks they got some with a #5 ranking.Read More

Calipari: Quick for Commentary Once Again

If nothing else, John Calipari is great for a sharp sound bite. Whether it be hurling racial insults at journalists or making tongue cheek jokes about Louisville’s title run (who’d they take it from again? I don’t recall them making the tournament), Cap has always been the kind of guy to run his mouth first and think about the ramifications second. So if you want to take Calipari’s rant on a Louisville radio station yesterday morning about the stagnant NCAA as a “call to arms” for major programs to rebel,Read More

Notes From the NCAA Tournament: Elite Eight

After five nail-biting months and eight unbelievable days of tournament basketball, we have gotten to this point. One last regional site, one last four-team bracket, one last time to partake of March (now April) Madness. We got here, of course, via the four regional finals. The Elite Eight, as they were. Like a snowflake, each game was different. From seeds (okay, well, some seeds) to score, no two were the same. And rather than just talking about the highlights from each round, we’ll talk about all four games in theRead More

Projecting the NCAA Field – Selection Sunday MORNING Update

Selection Sunday is upon us and, before nightfall, we will know exactly which 68 teams are in the NCAA tournament. There’s still some basketball left to be played today, and I will have one last FINAL projection, but for the most part the field is now set. But instead of walking you through how we got here in an obligatory introduction to this Sunday’s update, I’m going to dish out some thoughts on the many unanswered questions surrounding the field. >>>I wasn’t going to leapfrog Louisville ahead of Gonzaga asRead More

On Conference Realignment, the Godfather has Spoken

If you’ve ever seen a crime drama or gangster movie in your life, you’ve probably seen a scene that goes something like this. A room full of guys that think they know everything start shouting solutions to a problem. The louder one person gets, the louder they all get. Eventually, the bickering comes to a virtually inaudible clusterf*ck until the wise, old, soft-spoken man in the corner raises his hand. The other men fall silent as he speaks and ushers an opinion that, on status alone, cannot be argued. That’sRead More

College Football: Bowl Projections

Now that the college football bowl schedule has been announced, it’s time for the college football world to turn its attention to shameless self-promotion by companies that are not even the slightest bit associated in any way with the game of football. Sure R+L Carriers might deliver shipments of footballs or Vizio TVs might broadcast football games, but most of the bowl names are stretches. Russell Athletic is about the only one that fits since they make gear for a few teams. Who cares??? It’s bowl season! Gildan New MexicoRead More

College Football Week 13: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good Notre Dame: South Bend to South Beach is a catchphrase being repeated over and over after the Irish secured a spot in the BCS Title Game with a win over their hated rivals. The victory is a microcosm for their season with a hard-nosed, business-like defense leading the way with a relentless rushing attack behind it. Now ND waits for the winner of the SEC title game to see who they face in Miami. The Irish’s return to national prominence certainly increases the number of people who hateRead More

College Football Week 11: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

  The Good Texas A&M: A stunning upset could have only have an improbable end. A neutral zone infraction against Bama gave the ball back to A&M and essentially ended the game with under a minute to go. It came down to the wire as it was expected to and is a gigantic win for an Aggie program in their first year in the SEC. The win throws the National Title picture into disarray, depending on how the undefeated teams play out. Oregon: The usual offensive showcase now has theRead More

2012 College Football: Big East Preview

Maybe Boston College, Miami and Virginia Tech were on to something. When those teams bolted the Big East it made waves and now Pittsburgh and Syracuse will follow next season by leaving the Big East. The conference has had to scramble to keep its AQ status with West Virginia bolting this year. Temple was roped in to make it 8 teams for 2012 and a slew of new schools will join in 2013, the most absurd of which are Boise State and San Diego State. It is the Big EASTRead More

Notes From the Final Four

Well, folks, the championship game is set. The mighty Kentucky Wildcats will play a surprising Kansas Jayhawks team for the national title tomorrow night. But the focus in the NCAA tournament always seems to be around the Final Four and not the title game itself. Accordingly, who am I to not join in? Last night’s game weren’t anything too memorable but they are nonetheless worth talking about. Here are some thoughts I had while watching the various regional champions do battle yesterday. Kansas-Ohio State Was More ‘Spring Training’ Than ‘MarchRead More