Jose Reyes


Toronto Heating the Stove Early

Every offseason, there’s one team that goes a little mad. It’s as if a front office, after countless years of mediocrity, suddenly snaps and thinks, “Ah, hell, we’ll just try and buy an effin’ championship.” I say “snaps” because it comes out of the blue. These teams aren’t the Yankees or even, more recently, the Red Sox. The payroll they’re adding is usually not there. Or, if it is, it’s certainly not so high. Last year, it was the Angels with an honorable mention perhaps going to the Marlins andRead More

Miami Vices: Jeffrey Loria and the City He Duped – Again

There are few things in this world that take real balls. I’m not talking about bravery like running into a burning building or jumping in front of traffic to save someone. Something like that is selfless and inspirational. No, things that take balls are SELFISH. Like planting something on a coworker so you get the promotion. Or pocketing money from your company just because. Or, in the case of Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria, screwing over an entire city. Again. You see, to the naive eye, the fire sale thatRead More

Marlins and Jays Set to Pull Off a Blockbuster

Apparently the Miami Marlins have figured to the mysteries of time travel and have taken us back to 1997 with their latest fire sale. After their first World Series crown that year, management gutted the team and that’s exactly what is happening today. Multiple reports are out that Miami have agreed to a potential trade with the Toronto Blue Jays that would send the following players to Toronto: Jose Reyes (SS) Josh Johnson (SP) Mark Buehrle (SP) John Buck (C) Emilio Bonifacio (IF/OF) In exchange, the Miami Marlins would receive:Read More

Big Investments Don’t Always Yield Immediate Results

If you asked 100 MLB fans who the biggest spenders were this offseason, probably 99 of them would say the Angels and Marlins. Los Angeles, who already had a talented core with the likes of Jared Weaver and Howard Kendrick, added the game’s biggest “get” in Albert Pujols and Texas flamethrower C.J. Wilson. Miami’s big signing was division rival Jose Reyes, but the Marlins also added several complimentary pieces including closer Heath Bell and southpaw pitcher Mark Buerhle. So what do these two ball clubs have in common other thanRead More

MLB Free Agency Predictions

So I did a prediction article for NHL free agency and am back with the MLB version. So here are my predictions for the top 25 free agents with possible destinations listed as well as where I think they will land. The rankings are my own and all predictions are guaranteed 100% to be true. At least until the first signing. 1) Albert Pujols, 1B: The crown jewel of this year’s free agent class had a season where he seemed merely mortal instead of his usual dominating self. Teams likeRead More

Who MAY be All Stars, and who SHOULD be. NL Edition. (Plus a little Competition vs. Exhibition ranting)

For the most part, just looking at the NL voting leaders? We’re getting it wrong. Be it because of name recognition. A huge “homer” vote turn out (gotta give Philly its due. They have to be stuffing the hell out of the ballots between bites of cheesesteak). But the bottom line is? There are more deserving players out there than just the “names you recognize”. There are guys who are working just as hard and playing better and deserve to be recognized.