Chris Jericho


RAW Best & Worst June 10th

There are just 6 days until yet another new PPV concept from WWE and there are only 3 matches on the card. I say this every month, but will they get around to adding more matches or just keep teasing them? Will HHH-Axel actually happen or will they kick it onto the PPV? Will Vince and Stephanie show up again? Why haven’t we heard from The Shield lately? Will they defend their titles at Payback? Will there be another super creepy video from Bray Wyatt? Will Dolph be in theRead More

RAW Best & Worst June 3rd

With just under two weeks left until the next PPV Payback, WWE only has 2 official matches announced. Needless to say they better start filling out the card soon. Speaking of filling out the card, will Ziggler finally return to at least address his #1 Contender, Alberto Del Rio? Who will challenge The Shield for the US and Tag Titles? What will be the fallout of Heyman accepting Jericho’s challenge on Punk’s behalf? Which big name star will Curtis Axel ‘defeat’ this week? Most importantly of all will anyone beRead More

RAW Best & Worst May 27th

The dust has settled from Extreme Rules and the build to WWE’s newest PPV ‘Payback’ can begin. We all know Cena will be back to accept The Ryback’s challenge, but will the ratings go back up now that he’s back? Since the show is in Calgary, will Bret Hart Appreciation Night be part of the live telecast or will WWE fill the show with squash matches and comedy segments? How will Curtis Axel fare after his ‘shocking’ re-debut last week? Who really is the weak link in the team ofRead More

RAW Best & Worst May 13th

The WWE Machine continues to roll on and with Extreme Rules coming up this Sunday, questions abound as usual. Will more matches be added? Will the Tag Title match between Hell No and The Shield finally be made official? Whose office will Brock destroy this week? What is Ziggler’s status for Sunday? Will Jericho prove he is a better dancer then Fandango? Does anyone really care about the Henry-Sheamus and Orton-Show matches? Will Orton ever turn heel? Most importantly of all, did everyone call their mommas yesterday? Best Jericho: It’sRead More

London RAW Best & Worst April 22nd

RAW this week emanates from Ye Olde London in the midst of WWE’s annual post-Mania European tour. Since it’s such a rare event, it’s highly likely the company will try their best to make it memorable. This time around an international audience gets their turn to see if they can best the raucous New Jersey crowd from a few weeks ago. In other news, will HHH accept Brock and Heyman’s challenge? Did CM Punk really walk out? How exactly will Undertaker figure into the 6 man tag against The Shield? HowRead More

RAW Best & Worst March 25th

Normally 13 isn’t the best number in the world, with all the bad luck attached to it etc. Right now it’s actually a good thing since it’s 13 days away from The Granddaddy of em All, the Showcase of The Immortals on the Grandest Stage of them all……Wrestlemania. As of the start of RAW there are seven official matches on the card, so one would think that the rest will either be made official or strongly hinted towards. So will Big Show officially replace Ryback in the 6 man tagRead More

RAW Best & Worst March 18th

The Road to Wrestlemania continues to roll on and as usual questions abound. How will Taker respond to Punk stealing The Urn? What will Punk do with it this week? Will he do something absurd like fill it with his signature ‘diet soda’ ? How much will Rock’s absence hurt his match with Cena? Will Cena show up this week? Since it’s the day after St Patty’s, there will be some segment with Sheamus, but will Hornswoggle be involved? Will The Pale One bring back Storytime with Sheamus? What injustices willRead More

RAW Best & Worst February 25th

With the Elimination Chamber firmly in the rearview mirror, it remains to be seen how the build to Mania really gets into gear. Will Vince and Heyman actually ‘fight’ or will it be just a set up for a Lesnar run in? Will CM Punk successfully make a complete fool of John Cena for putting his guaranteed WWE Title shot on the line? How will the Real Americans spread their message of Americanness? What’s the over/under on how many times they say WE THE PEOPLE? When will Randall Orton turnRead More

RAW Best & Worst Febuary 4th

Perhaps the biggest question heading into RAW tonight is who will Brock bring The Pain to? He saved Heyman last week, so will Paul be able to weasel his way out of getting fired yet again? Was Punk in the know about Heyman’s dealing with Brad Maddox and The Shield? Will Rock be here or will he be off promoting one of his films? On a side note, Maddox was involved in that ‘ref’ angle last fall when the NFL had replacement refs, so since there was a blackout at theRead More

RAW Best & Worst January 28th

After an exciting but somewhat predictable Royal Rumble, RAW is live tonight in Las Vegas and you know what that means…RAW Roulette! Where matches are ‘randomly’ determined by a spin of the wheel! Will there be a Strange Bedfellows match? A Falls Count Anywhere match that spends a majority of its time in the ring? What will The Great One say about his title winning victory last night? More importantly, what will CM Punk say? Best Phoenix Screwjob: It was definitely a ‘controversial’ finish to the WWE Title match andRead More