We’ve covered the new Taco Bell breakfast offerings and shared their clever advertising approach. I also gave my opinion of three menu items in Day 1 of my Wake Up Live Mas adventure, and three more in Day 2 of the series. Now it’s time to continue through the menu.


Waffle Taco with Bacon

Why? It’s the featured item, and I’ve already had the variety with sausage.

How is it? The absence of sausage makes for a better flavor, especially with the heaping of bacon they waffle wasn’t great, but it’s about what I expected. Not a lot of taste to it, but the sausage on here helps with that. The egg doesn’t add much to it, other than bulk, though the cheese is decent. The syrup they provide with the waffle taco is very tasty, and adding that to the Waffle Taco makes a big difference. Suddenly it tastes more like you’d expect a waffle and sausage together to taste. I like the combination here, but the way Taco Bell should go with this menu item is to make an extra thick taco shell made out of the same material that waffle cones are made from and put sausage and egg in there. That would be a much better option, though this one isn’t bad. It’s certainly worth trying.

Breakfast Burrito with Bacon

Why? Because I ordered the Steak & Egg Burrito… and they messed up my order and I didn’t check it before leaving. Not that it’s easy to check the contents of a burrito in the drive-thru.

How is it? There’s plenty of bacon, and the flavor matches nicely with the cheese they included. I’m not a huge fan of breakfast burritos in general, but this variety is decent. I put some of the syrup from the Waffle Taco on it, with good result. The Breakfast Burrito could do with the addition of the sauce they put on the A.M. Crunch Wrap.

Next Time

Whether it’s tomorrow or sometime next week, I’ll be getting my hands on something with steak in it, and possibly getting them to put some sauce from the A.M. Crunch Wrap on something different. If there’s anything you specifically want me to try, Tweet at us on Twitter @GuysNation.

[Photo courtesy of USA Today]