For many Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus might not mean much. For some Sharktopus borders on profanity. These people aren’t familiar with Sy Fy’s new push for bringing back B-movies. Specifically B-science fiction films. Startrng in early 2000’s, then Sci Fi, started producing its own movies. Last year they released 25. yes. 25 original movies with names like: “Stonehenge Apocolypse”, or “Dinoshark”, or Pterodactyl. In fact they are on top (along with the Hallmark Channel) for producing the most original television movies.

I first heard of Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus thanks to my local morning radio show. They even went so far as to have a viewing party and had Debbie Gibson call in to promote it. It took another couple months for me to stumble across this cinematic gem. Seriously. Its a big ass Shark. Its big ass Octopus. When they aren’t terrorizing mankind: biting bridges in half. Attacking flying jumbo jets? They’re attacking each other.

So, when I heard of their latest gem: Giant Python vs. Gatoroid? How could I NOT get excited. To add onto the 80’s pop nostalgia? They have paired Debbie Gibson with Tiffany.

debbie and tiffany

There are rumors of a cat fight between the two… and many a child of the 80’s heart goes all a twitter… no… not the social networking tool. Not only are they bringing back Debbie Gibson’s character. Not only do you have mutant Pythons battling Roided up Alligators (yes, the Gator gets big because they give it steroids) – but Sy Fy is also pouring a lot of time and effort into marketing. Comercials. An actual movie poster. They even had a red carpet premier in New York City on January 24th. They better be careful… or they’re going to have to severely bump up Debbie’s pay scale!

Before I give a brief over view of the story. If you’re expecting anything outside of B-movie cheese? Please, for the love of god, don’t tune in. If you want awful computer generated effects? If you like to watch stuff that is inadvertently funny? This Saturday, January 29th on Sy Fy (check your local listings).

If you’re not sold? The movie takes place in Florida. Debbie is an animal lover who frees a bunch of pythons into the Everglades. Tiffany is a gator loving park ranger who fears for her gator’s safety. So? She pumps a few of them full of steroids to take care of the giant python problem…. bad idea. Chaos ensues. Cities will be in ruin, and ultimately we’re all wondering who would win in a fight? A giant python or a performance enhanced gator?

Wonder no longer, GuysNation. Saturday we finally find out!

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