Two rounds of the NCAA Tournament are in the books and because of all the upsets, including top seeded Kansas, plenty of people are already tearing up their bracket sheets.

Let’s take a look at the Leaderboard for the GuysNation March Madness Pick’Em and see how things are shaping up:

#1 – TJ If Miracles Could Happen (T-Gap) – 158 Points (32 of 48 correct picks)
T-Gap got here largely by getting the Murray State victory correct, having St Mary’s still alive in his bracket, getting Old Dominion right, and getting all 12 of the picks correct in the East region.  For anyone who is disheartened by the lead T-Gap has amassed, don’t give up hope, he had Kansas slated to win (though he does still have 6 of his Elite 8).

#2 –Purple Reign Pride (Caligiuri Fan) – 138 Points (35 of 48 correct picks)
Caligiuri Fan took his Purple Reign Pride into second place with correctly picking the upset victories for Murray State, St Mary’s (first and second round), Old Dominion, Missouri, and Washington (first and second round).  He doesn’t have any single region completely correct, but he has 3 regions where his Sweet 16 is only missing one team, and the Midwest is missing 2 of the 4 from the Sweet 16.  He’s only got 2 of his Final Four left, and only one of his championship game picks – though he did pick Duke to win it all, so the Purple Reign Pride has a decent chance to win.

#3 – Dayman Fighter of the Nightman (David) – 89 Points (32 of 48 correct picks)
David got into this position largely due to picking correct upsets for Ohio and Cornell.   His South regional bracket has 3 of its 4 left in the Sweet 16, but his other regions only have 2 remaining.  His Final Four options are only Kentucky and Syracuse, neither of whom he picked to advance to the championship game.  I’d bet Dayman Fighter of the Nightman doesn’t stay in the Top 5 a week from now.

#4 – Intern Alliance (InternAvery of GuysNation) – 88 Points (31 of 48 correct picks)
Who doesn’t like to pick on interns?  The NCAA Bracket is going to give Avery a kick to the pants next weekend.  He got here based on Georgia Tech, Murray State, Old Dominion and Cornell upsets picked correctly, but he only has 7 of his Sweet 16, 5 of his Elite 8 options available, 3 of his Final Four, and one from his Championship game (not the one he picked to win).  Avery would need incredible luck to continue to remain in this high of a spot.

#5 (tie) – SirM.HayseXIV of GuysNation87 Points (31 of 48 correct picks)
The future looks bright for Sir M. Hayes XIV.  He has both of his National Finals game teams, including Kentucky – whom he picked to win it all.  He has all four of his Final Four teams remaining, 6 of his Elite 8, and 10 of his Sweet 16.

#5 (tie) – Bracket of Jerm from GuysNation – 87 Points (29 of 48 correct picks)
Jerm might be tied for 5th now, but his future doesn’t look too bright.  His National Champion is gone.  He might have 3 of his Final Four left, 5 of his Elite 8, but only 8 of his Sweet 16.  He’s likely to finish in the Top 10, but the Top 5 would be pushing it.

#7 – IHateKU (Aaron) – 81 Points (31 of 48 correct picks)
Both of Aaron’s National Championship game participants are still alive, as is his choice for the tournament victor.  He only has 2 of his Final Four, however, and 3 of his Elite 8.  He does have 8 of his Sweet 16, but that’s not going to do much for him.

#8 – The Dickie V Bracket Baby (Taylor) – 76 Points (28 of 48 correct picks)
Taylor should abandon all hope because he’s got only 2 of his Final Four left, neither of them are going to the Championship game in his bracket.  His Elite 8 only has 4 remaining, and sadly enough they’re paired up (West and East divisions both still available, South and Midwest are both gone).  He does have 8 teams remaining in his Sweet 16, though, so that does help a bit.

#9 – What The Hey! (JoshuaB) – 75 Points (30 of 48 correct picks)
Josh has 3 of his Final Four teams remaining, though the one team he’s missing was going to the finals in his bracket.  His Elite 8 looks a bit shaky with only 5 remaining.

#10 – Rob B’s Bracket (Rob from GuysNation) – 70 Points (30 of 48 correct picks)
I don’t have much confidence in my bracket at all.  I do have 3 of my Final Four, but the one team which is gone was Kansas, and I had them winning it all.  I do have 5 of my Elite 8, though.

The rest of the Top 20:
GoKStateWiscMarq (66), Chapy (64), goHoos (63), Chapy’s Dream I Can Dream (60), Beef Bracket (57), TJsGuesses (57), Mindcrickets (56), upsetEspecial (56), Ashley Schaeffer BMW (55)


If all the higher seeds win out and Kentucky wins the National Championship by beating Syracuse, the winner will be TJ If Miracles Could Happen, with SirM.HayesXIV pulling into second place with Purple Reign Pride in third.  Were Kentucky to beat Ohio St instead, SirM.HayesXIV would win it all, with Miracles dropping into second and Purple Reign holding third.

Were Syracuse to change only that final spot, beating Kentucky, TJ If Miracles Could Happen still wins, but IHateKU will come in second and Purple Reign Pride will retain the #3 spot, dropping SirM.HayesXIV all the way down into 5th.  If Syracuse were to beat Duke instead, switch the #2 and #3 spots.

If Duke beats Kentucky in the Final Four and then goes on to beat Syracuse in the finals, Purple Reign wins, Miracles Could Happen takes second, and Jerm takes third.

If Ohio State beats Kentucky in the finals, Miracles wins, SirM.HayesXIV is second and Purple Reign comes in third.

As for me?  The best scenario I can hope for puts me in 4th place, but that would mean a Championship Game of Duke vs Michigan State (the outcome of that game doesn’t affect me) with Michigan State beating Kansas State in the Final Four.  Anything other than those possibilities leaves me worse than 4th place.

To find out scenarios other than that, you’ll have to go to the group page and use the scenario generator, because there’s not enough time for me to look at all of the scenarios here.