SuperPunk: Since its SuperRAW does that make the RAW talent Super, as in SuperPunk? We’ve had SuperCena for some time and it’s time he stops hogging being super like he hogs the main event or cheesy humor. Punk does a very nice job of laying out the Nash-status-quo vs Punk-change dichotomy and the clash of forces it represents. It’s not just two guys having a problem with each other, it’s a clash of ideals, worldviews, etc. Nash emphasizes his height/strength advantage over Punk, clinging to the big-is-better mantra.

COO Time: Triple H shows up and the atmosphere definitely changes. He reveals the mystery texter as Nash himself? That has to be a smokescreen, no way they’d wrap the storyline that lamely. I like the subtext of Nash bringing up when he ‘pushed’ H last week, it juxtaposes with ‘push’ in the sense of giving a wrestler a better angle or more prestige. So The Game fires Nash? No way that actually sticks. My guess is actual-text-sender pulls some strings.

AirBOOM: At leats when Bourne’s holding the tag title in one hand he can only do one of those lame peace signs. He loses any sort of credibility or coolness when he does that. I do like how the two have a similar coloring to their ring gear and what looked like a shared Tron video. The Mahal/Khali team is actually one of the few tag teams that have a logical reason to be together. Though Khali ‘accidentally’ chops Mahal who subsequently gets an Air Bourne, feeding into the dissension between the two.

Divas: Why is Beth still wearing that schoolgirl inspired outfit? It only serves to undermine her anti-barbie doll message, which in fact is what she look like in the ring. The skirt barely covers up and makes me think this is ODB and not the Glamazon. At least Natalya is on commentary and sells the DoD as saviors angle well. This is one instance that the commentary distracting from the match is good as Nattie repeatedly owns Kelly Kelly, who clearly cannot keep up on the mic, or the headset in this case. Beth of course wins, as if anything else was expected, but that was secondary to the sniping on commentary.

Drew Sighting: What?! That’s even more rare then a botch-less Sin Cara match! But of course he’s dismissed like 7 seconds later so Destiny Man can try to get Christian to take out Cena, otherwise known as classic heel strategy. Drew’s becoming the new Michael Tarver, someone who just randomly shows up backstage.

Punked Truth: I believe they had this same match not so long, only the roles were reversed. Oh how things have changed. Miz and Truth jabber on about their conspiracy, C…O…N… Miz lays out the challenge to AirBoom for the tag titles, or just makes the match straight out. However, he doesn’t seem to put his usual uumph into my favorite part of RAW, The Really Game. Talk is cheap and its Clobberin’ Time for Mr Truth. Although Cole obviously tries to distract from what is actually a good match by promoting The Conspiracy Duo. I mean do the WWE higher ups not watch RAW? It’s absurdly detrimental to the quality of the program. I am concerned they’re giving Punk the Cena treatment, where he gets beat down and comes back for the win. It’s not full on, but I really hope they don’t go that route. Punk wins with a GTS, but when was the last time you saw him use the Anaconda Vise?

COObama: So COO-H comes out and makes a reference to CM Punk as Obama, since Mr Punk wants change. It was a little awkward and didn’t get much reaction from the crowd. H’s declaration that he made their NOC match a No DQ one didn’t get any better of a reaction. Punk’s stipulation gets more then the previous two, probably because it is if he wins, HHH must resign as COO. That certainly adds a wrinkle to this storyline.

Random Cameo Part 2: Speaking of which, Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins show up backstage talking to Wade Barrett but are shooed away by Destiny Man, who continues to recruit for a Cena takeout. Is this an effort to get as much of the lower card talent on TV?

King and The Otungacutty: Oh geez this is going to be painful. Why oh why is King allowed to be in the ring? Long Island Iced Z being his tag partner makes up for it. He comes out to a video promo presumably about his YouTube show. Take care, spike your hair indeed. He does get the win instead of King, which is a relief.

Squash Alert: Orton v Slater. Will take like 3 minutes. Case closed. Although since this is a ‘RAW’ Supershow, shouldn’t the matches involve wrestlers from RAW?

Main Event?: It’s really annoying when they don’t announce the main event of a show ahead of time. It leaves the audience in the dark and ruins the general flow of the program. Not to mention a promo segment as a main event. Well i guess it isn’t just a promo, since Christian, Barrett, Swagger and Ziggler run in for a beatdown.Of course cue the babyface run in at this point. Riley, Sheamus, then Morrison come in to even the odds. Also cue Teddy Long to come in to make a random tag match. This whole thing is indicative of WWE’s week-at-a-time booking. It’s so¬†disappointing I’m tempted to turn off the TV. However, of course the faces win and of course promising heels get buried.

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