Serious Business: You had to figure the Punk-HHH match was gonna end that way. Having Punk win and H out as COO would have created another subplot to this otherwise entertaining angle. WWE needs to try and keep it simple, relatively speaking, because we’ve seen storylines that got too complex and too unbelievable. I like Punk’s little history lesson about his involvement with the arena in Cleveland and he even name drops Bob Holly. Punk starts to talk up his own conspiracy, but Still-COO HHH comes out and drops his own set of names, as in Cena, Del Rio and Punk in a Triple Threat Hell In A Cell. Punk uncharacteristically admits that H isn’t involved in the conspiracy and not-so-subtlety points to Vince as the figurehead. I’m enjoying Johnny Ace on the mic as his voice is certainly different from an angry HHH type or a sarcastic Punk type. He plays the corporate stooge role very well, even firing Punk, only to be overturned by Mr COO.

8 Man Tag: This is an example of one of the cons of the Supershow concept. Doubling the number of potential performers means they sometimes have to put a bunch of them in a match where each of them has a diminished role. I do like the idea of Barrett teaming with his old Nexus buddies Otunga and McGillicutty, adds a little subtext to the match, but of course WWE will ignore it. Otungacutty’s claim of Air Boom being paper champions is ironic in ways too numerous to mention. The action is typical, including the usual all-guys-in-the-ring brawl moment. Sheamus gets a big part with a Celtic Cross on Otunga while looking right at Christian for the win.

Destiny Averted Man: Having Del Rio drop the belt was an interesting decision to say the least and some are saying it hurt his credibility. Whether that’s true or not, it seems almost certain he’ll get the belt back shortly because of the upcoming Mexican tour. It could be at HIAC, which would be a huge boost for said credibility or maybe they have him win it at the RAW in Mexico City. Then again that is at the tail end of the tour. A squash win over John Morrison is a way to restore some credibility, but certainly not for the Guru of Greatness.

Hugh Jackman: Really? I thought we were over this kind of cheap advertising. He lamely plugs his movie Real Steel before getting ‘excused’ by Vickie Guerrero with Boy Toy #1 in tow. Her hitting on Hugh while Dolph makes the this-is-awkward face was pretty funny. Did Dolph just call Hugh Mason Ryan? Was it a slip of the tongue or a way to work Ryan back into the minds of the audience? Dolph’s cheap heat combined with Jackman’s pandering to the crowd is making this kinda unbearable to watch. There is a nice moment where Jackman says ‘really?’ and Dolph counters with ‘what are you, Miz?

Attack Of The Caras: So which one is this Cara? He does have some hair sticking out on the back of his neck, so maybe that is a giveaway. Then the other one shows up and what was the point of having Cody Rhodes come out for a match in the first place if it’s a Cara-Cara showdown. Is it me or does one look taller then the other? And have bigger leg muscles? Well Big Cara gets a sucker kick in and a pseudo match ensues. Nice little exchange that furthers their feud, so stay for that and other Star Wars related headlines about Sin Cara(s) in my wrestling columns.

Truly Awesome: They actually look genuinely sorry for what they did when they apologize to Triple H. Miz in particular is selling it very well, from tone of voice to facial expressions. They that goes out the window when HHH says that for putting their hands on an official they each get a $250K fine. H then puts them in a match against Punk and Cena. By the way, was that an ascot Miz was wearing? Haven’t seen one of those since Jon Stewart made fun of Roland Martin for wearing one.

World’s Strongest Heavyweight Champion: Not only did he beat Orton for the title, but he beat him clean. Hell froze over at that moment. Getting an in ring interview with JR  is certainly an interesting way to start off Henry’s reign. Having Henry as WHC is a much needed breath of fresh air for Smackdown dominated over the summer by SuperRandy. His schtick of always feeling disrespected along with his physical dominance are a combination that is really growing on me. The inevitable happens and Henry starts to twist JR’s tie, ostensibly choking him. Lawler talks Henry out of that but foolishly punches Henry, who responds with a WSS and then another one through the announce table. Pure dominance.

Divas Tag Match: Too bad Jerry had to be helped to the back, cause his favorite Diva is out. Kelly is also wearing an Indians uniform, though only on her upper torso. Seems we’re going to continued to be force fed Kelly Kelly, at least for the time being. Yes she’s pleasant to look at, but it’s a slap in the face to actual female wrestlers like Lita or Trish.

WWWYKI: At least he’s on TV now. Jackman recruiting him to face Ziggler could put Ryder into the US title picture. Jackman even has a Broski headband on! Maybe I should consider getting one. Some nice action, though Cole spends most of the time whining about how lame Ryder’s internet show is and the word ‘Broski’. A sucker punch behind the ref’s back by Jackman allows Ryder to land the Rough Ryder for the pin. The audience rejoices and Cole is incredulous. If Ryder is going to be taken seriously, he has to pick up some clean wins. After the commercial, Vickie extends an invite to Swagger to join Dolph in her ‘stable’. When was the last time they used that word on TV?

Punk & Cena?: Can’t seem to come up with a name for these two. Cena did suggest to Punk the ‘New Rock n’ Roll Express’ in a backstage segment. Miz comes out first to a pretty big pop from his hometown crowd. Truth follows, then they do the whole You Suck remix and it’s already starting to annoy me. This performance in particular was bad as half the time I couldn’t understand what they were saying. Miz does apologize and shake the hand of the ref in a gesture of goodwill. Cena spends a good amount of the match getting beat up as usual, not being able to get the tag for Punk. It does give Miz and Truth a chance to show off some pretty nice moves. After about 40 minutes, Punk finally gets the tag and goes berserk on Miz, eventually hitting the GTS for the win. Adding insult to injury, HHH comes out and fires both Miz and Truth. The two then precede to follow H backstage and assault him. The entire roster is conveniently there to pull them apart and then to toss Truly Awesome out of the building.