FINALLY: The Rock has come back…in another taped promo. Whether it’s taped or not, he still reminds us that he’s lightyears ahead of anyone on the roster in terms of mic skills. Is it just me or does it look like he has grey hairs in his facial hair? So does he want to team with Cena? Hell no is his answer, because Team Bring It and The Froot Loop Troop do not mix very well. He then says because of The People’s desire to see TruMiz get clobbered, he’ll indeed team with Cena. He stirs the pot by saying what he does to TruMiz is just a fraction of what he’ll do to Cena at Wrestlemania. If he had gone on any longer, the veins on his arms might have burst.

Cult of Punk: Speaking of incredibly charismatic people, CM Punk is out to face Mark Henry with the stipulation that if Punk wins, he gets a shot at ADR and the WWE Title. So we all know that there’s no way this match ends clean and it’s clear Punk will somehow emerge victorious. However, I am proven wrong when Alberto shows up and orders Ricardo to attack Henry, which hands the DQ win to him and screws Punk in the process. Of course Punk is pissed and chases Del Rio to the back. This means that we will either have no WWE Title match at Survivor Series, with Punk and Del Rio involved in a SS match or through some other way Punk gets what he wants.

Muppets: Ugh. This whole idea was bad from the start and just another ploy by WWE to get kids to watch more of their programming. I would not be surprised at all if a Muppet John Cena makes an appearance. Kermit will be the only good part of this whole thing. Case in point, his interaction with Swagger and calling Vickie Jack’s mother. What would any comedy segment be without Santino? He does his bit and faces Swagger later on. However, the highlight of the night has to be Kermit and Miss Piggy doing Zack Ryder’s WWWYKI line. Second case in point is Cody Rhodes putting a mini bag over Kermit’s head near the end of the show.

Divas Costume Battle Royal: Speaking of dolls, Kelly Kelly comes out next for this Royale which is apparently for the #1 Contender to the Divas Title. Of course this is not that different from the usual Divas match, since they all wear costumes of sort to the ring. Aksana is even in there! Though she does get eliminated pretty quickly. The final four comes down to Eve, Kelly, Alicia Fox and Natalya. Though the odds aren’t in her favor, she tosses out Alicia and Kelly before Eve sneaks up from behind for the winning toss. Having Natalya come back from those odds would have lent her legitimacy, though having the DoD face each other would be problematic.

Muppet Redux: I wasn’t going to say anything more about the Muppets, but the segment with Beaker was too good to pass up. After scaring off Christian, Sheamus proceeds to apologize to Beaker for not being able to make the family reunion. He ends it by fixing Beaker’s hair so it stands up straighter. Hilarity ensues throughout.

Tag Action: So it’s AirBoom versus Rhodes and Barrett. At least they’re putting the tag champs in regular action in order to build any legitimacy to the Penny Titles. Plus any time Cody is in the ring is a good thing as he’s showing improved skills in that area. Also the Barrett Barrage continues its course of destruction. I’m not sure if Rhodes and Barrett have teamed up before, but they look like they have good chemistry. Barrett tries for Wasteland on Bourne, but it’s countered into a pretty sweet DDT. Barrett does hit his finisher on Evan later, picking him off the top rope as he’s about to go for Air Bourne. As the heels celebrate their victory, Christian runs out and they start to beat on the faces. Sheamus makes the save, clearing the ring and practically Brogue Kicking Cody out of his mask.

Feud Revisited Part One: Del Rio and Big Show was not a really great feud to begin with and there are not high hopes for this match. It sure won’t be a technical showcase. Del Rio did lock in a sleeper hold for like 2 minutes. I remember back in the day when they used to do that same kind of thing and the ref would bring up the hand of the one in the hold and on the third try they would always raise their arm. Rock did that alot I believe. It looks like I was partly proven wrong, as Del Rio has been doing a good job of grounding Show but falls victim to the WMD. As Big Show walks up the ramp, Punk comes out and takes a seat in the ring next to a knocked out Del Rio. He says he’s going to ask Del Rio for the WWE Title match, due to ADR having to give his consent for it to be official, as Mr Ace said earlier. What’s surprising is Punk locks in the Anaconda Vice and forces Del Rio to agree. It’s surprising becuase he hasn’t used that move in a long time and it used to be a staple of his arsenal.

Filler Matches: I’m going to lump the Swagger-Santino and Ziggler-Ryder matches together because they’re nothing all that special, especially since WWE isn’t serious about giving Ryder the US Title. If they were really going to do such a thing, the ‘feud’ between the two would have more effort put into it. Santino gets some sort of drink from Beaker and uses the opportunity to get a roll up victory pin. As for Ziggler and WooWooWoo it was actually a decent match with Ziggler looking better in the ring each week. Vickie tries to interfere, but it’s to no avail as Ryder hits the Rough Ryder for the win.

Michael Cole Challenge?: So according to Cole, the ‘Challenge’ won’t be happening because JR has some sort of irritable bowel thing. He holds up a diaper and says that JR might need one of them if he shows up next week. More of the same disgraceful disparaging of JR by that tool Michael Cole. Yes he gets people to hate him, but it got old like a year ago. Though the muppets in a box suite say that the only thing worse then listening to Michael Cole is nothing! So very, very true.

Feud Revisited Part Two: It’s a ‘Wrestlemania Rematch’ between Cena and The Miz. Mildly surprising is the fact that Miz comes out to his own music and without Truth, given they’ve been doing their rap thing alot. I’m sure Truth will come out at some point and cause the DQ because Cena can never lose clean. Just like when they feuded leading up to this past Wrestlemania, Miz is being phased out in favor of talking about Cena and Rock. I suppose that is to be expected when you’re involved with two generation-defining stars. I don’t think Cena is the most controversial figure ever in the WWE as Lawler claims. Cena starts the 5 Moves of Doom, but thankfully Miz is able to reverse the AA into a DDT. The look on the Miz’s face as he stalks Cena for the SKC was awesome. Concentration and spite are mixed into one single glare. When the action spills to the outside, someone in a Scream mask chokes Cena and gives Miz an opening. I wonder who it could have been? #sarcasm. However, we all know what happens next as Cena reverses Miz into the STF and subsequent submission win. Scream guy comes back, but eats an AA and is unmasked as R Truth. Show goes off the air with Cena celebrating.