Cole’s Preferred Energy Drink: I don’t know which brand he drinks or how many he had before coming out, but he’s much more hyper then usual. I mean he’s making gestures with his hands that go from one side of the TV screen to the next, pointing to the camera and enunciating every other word. Plus, Lawler looks just a little bit annoyed at Cole so far, which should make for entertaining commentary.

Regular Game: No nice suit and tie, its just jeans and a new ‘Call to Power’ shirt.He even has his hair down and not in a ponytail of sorts. Does this mean he’ll be moving away from his business attitude and COO position and return to being a semi-regular wrestler? He names drops some ‘friends’ with Shawn Michaels getting a huge reaction, but Sean Waltman draws little reaction because I’m sure only a handful of people there know who he was. So Kevin Nash broke Hunter’s heart? I think I just shed a few tears. Calling out Diesel gets Mr Funkman who I believe is stealing ADR’s old line of always introducing himself. So much for forgetting the COO Title as H pulls it out on Ace, ordering him to find Nash or else he’ll do some very bad things. That doesn’t last long as Big Sexy comes out with a sledgehammer to hit H from behind. Even though I think Mr Interim GM is involved somehow, he does look genuine when he approaches Nash and tells him to get out. On the the other hand, he could just be acting, but he does call out security. Hunter sells the injury like a champ, even collapsing backstage at one point.

TNA Deja Vu: I say that because it’s 20 minutes in and we’re not even done with this injury to HHH segment. Nash somehow chases away the medics as H is being loaded into an ambulance and lands another sledgehammer shot to the head. All security is doing at this point is telling Nash to get lost basically. Shouldn’t the police have been called or something? At least to keep the logic within the situation consistent? 28 minutes in Orton comes out for a match, so WWE won’t break TNA’s 40 minutes of promos record. We’ll also see at least 8 minutes of actual wrestling.

Strange Bedfellows: Orton and Sheamus teaming up again? I wonder if their feud from last year will be mentioned at all? So they’re really going with this ‘Great White’ moniker for Sheamus? It certainly fits, but is it really the best they could come up with? Wasn’t ‘Celtic Warrior’ good enough? Moving onto a sentence that doesn’t end in a question, the faces draw their Vengeance opponents. This means an all-Smackdown match on a RAW show, which doesn’t seem right somehow. The faces have good tag chemistry, with Orton Irish whipping Christian into a springboard shoulder block from Sheamus. So according to Cole, the reason Sheamus does his 10 strikes to the opponent’s chest is that it has some connection to Irish warriors ‘powering up’ or something of that nature. Interesting explanation, but at least a move is being explained and is not just a way to inflict pain. Shortly after Cole informs us ‘Great White’ is trending on Twitter, as if that was a big epiphany. The 7 minute mark passes and we’re not even done with this match, so TNA take notes. After several back and forths and more action then 4 Impacts, Sheamus hits the Celtic Cross for the win.

Single Duty Dolph: So will this be his only match of the night? He showed some moxy last night in competing in back to back matches. He also showed he has the talent to be in the main event. Then again his opponent is Santino, so we all know this will be a squash. It is just that with a Swaggler beatdown afterwards for good measure, but Fauxtista shows up and demolishes Swagger, seeming to set up a Ryan-Ziggler or Ryan-Swagger feud in the future.

Del Riooooooooooooooo: That sure is a nice pose Del Rio strikes on the ramp with the WWE Title held high. Too bad when he raised up the title, his scarf flipped onto part of his head, ruining the moment. Alberto Del Rio begins his victory speech by calling a dying dog and mocking the crowd for not giving him a chance. Typical heel tactic, but Del Rio brings that extra bit to it all with his smarmy facial expressions and mic work. He says he wants new challengers but that ‘there is no one better in WWE’. Cue up Cult of Personality for CM Punk’s arrival.

Pipebombing: Could they have written anything that would telegraph Punk’s entrance any better? After all ‘no one better in WWE’ sounds an awful lot like ‘best in the world’. Punk’s reasoning for challenging Berto is that he never received his 1-on-1 rematch when Del Rio chased in MITB. Technically, he’s correct, but Punk was involved in the Triple Threat HIAC, so I’m sure they could’ve come up with a better reason? At least Del Rio correctly points out that Punk lost at Vengeance. Threatening to put Berto to sleep brings out Johnny Ace, who is working overtime tonight. When the laptop GM was around, this would’ve been the moment the lights blinked and Cole got up to read The Email. Ace makes it Punk-Del Rio for the title at Survivor Series and everyone watching including Punk wonders what the catch is and it turns out to be Punk telling Ace that he respects him. Well Ace did ask Punk to apologize to him at one point, which Punk did, but in a mocking way. Punk saying in a raspy voice ‘I respect you Funkman!’ doesn’t cut it. Punk does say it in a serious tone, but then proceeds to mock J-Laur for various things. Meanwhile ADR and Ricardo presumably stand awkwardly in a corner only to both get attacked by Punk.

‘Women’s’ Wrestling: So Beth beats Eve and the first Divas match is Natalya vs Alicia Fox? At least it’s something different and Natalya did put Fox in that pretzel submission, so there is some history. You wouldn’t know it since Beth is on commentary and all they talk about is the anti-Barbie mission. That’s fine and it does flesh out the DoD’s motivation, but at least that previous match could’ve been mentioned. Is it me or does Natalya play a heel really well? She has the poise and ring presence to make the crowd buy into her, well the crowd that hasn’t used this time to go to the bathroom or the ones that actually care about women’s wrestling in the WWE.

Bare Knuckle Parkour: Well not really, but Wade Barrett is here to face JoMo and we know 3 things that will happen for sure. Morrison will pull off a few flashy moves,  Barrett’s bare knuckle back ground will be mentioned at least twice and Morrison’s athleticism will be talked about as if it means something to one who is obviously getting buried. Of course all Cole talks about during the match are the things JR is tweeting about him and how unfair it is…hey look! Barrett won with Wasteland!

Tool Time: Ugh. Cole has a mic in his hand and is standing on top of the announce table. Cover your ears. So Cole is going to show us photos JR sent over his Twitter on the Tron? It turns out those pictures are just JR’s head photoshopped onto various fat people. Did they really give time to something like this? Couldn’t they have fit another match in? Cole challenges Jr to the Michael Cole Challenge next week on RAW. What the hell is the Michael Cole Challenge? Probably something where he changes the rules to make himself the winner. he does make things interesting by saying if JR beats him, he quits, which draws perhaps the biggest pop of the night.

Main Event?: Before he can even walk out to team with Cena against Awesome Truth in the main event, he’s attacked by Miz and Truth backstage before they walk out for the match. They cut a promo on how they overcame the ‘conspiracy’  of Triple H and some basic set up for a Cena-Awesome Truth feud. It’s still good to hear Miz back on the mic as he hasn’t missed a step. With Ryder out J-Laur maes it a handicap match and you have to figure a face will come in and offer to team with Cena. Maybe The Rock is introduced back in somehow given that WWE is heavily hyping Rocky’s in ring return at Survivor Series. Miz and Truth take advantage of the handicap part and tag in and out constantly in the beginning. Smart move from a tactical standpoint, so is keeping Cena in their corner. SuperCena manages his usual comeback before Truth’s signature waterbottle smash causes a DQ. They beat on Cena for a bit and grab steel chairs before Johnny Ace comes in yet again. Surprisingly, he yells at them to get out, even saying it’s what the fans want. He makes a Miz &Truth vs Cena & ??? at Survivor Series with Cena picking his partner. Much like Del Rio foreshadowing Punk coming out to confront him earlier, Cena’s words practically give away the ‘mystery’ tag partner as The Rock. Everyone acts surprised when he comes out and says it, which means the advertising of Survivor Series as Rock’s in ring return means nothing to them.