Walk-In: Not only is this a cold open, but it starts with HHH backstage and walking to the ramp area by himself. Nice touch to emphasize the whole ‘he’s on his own’ aspect. I like how he said that last week wasn’t a walkout on him, but a walkout on all the fans. The crowd already booed all of them, and H is just using that against them. As if he would really step down as COO, this is The Cerebral Assassin we’re talking about. As expected he refuses to step down, even offering to wrestle a broomstick for 2 hours to fill the show. Unfortunately he won’t have to as Cena shows up. Cue the rah-rah-WWE-means-everything-to-me speech. He does a rundown of all the people he’s worked for in the WWE, even giving mention to Eric Bischoff and the Anonymous RAW GM, the later being its first mention in months. Now Sheamus is here? Thankfully he mentions his past feud with HHH, so it appears Creative has a decent memory. With Punk coming out next, it gets even more interesting as he did stir up alot of the anti-Hunter feelings now in full force.

Match Time?: So HHH makes a Sheamus-Cena match with himself as the ref and lets Punk so the commentary. This is awesome! Punk being the only one on commentary is something that should be done more often. At least we wouldn’t have to listen to Cole’s blathering. Match doesn’t go very long before Vinnie Mac shows up and it’s kind of an anti-climatic return for The Chairman. Nice usage of the financial catastrophe angle as a not-so-subtle way to ‘fire’ HHH. Turnabout is fair play after all and Vince proceeds to introduce the interim GM in Johnny Ace. Somehow I don’t think the ‘interim’ really means ‘interim’.

Street Clothes Fight: So it’s Morrison v Christian in their street clothes? It could be a worse matchup to start off the regime. Maybe I missed something but what’s the deal with Morrison’s shirt? He’s going to eat lunch? What does that mean? He does end up eating a Spear from Christian and then the finishers from Ziggler, Rhodes and Swagger who caused the earlier distraction necessary for Christian to get the win.

HIAC Rematch: It’s Orton v Henry, without the actual Cell of course. They’re not going to give away such a high caliber PPV match type on TV, this isn’t TNA after all. More importantly, is it possible that the hairs in Henry’s beard can secrete moisture on their own? Either that or maybe his sweat glands are just naturally overactive. Just listening to JR, Lawler and Cole on commentary use various adjectives to describe both men you get the sense they might be talking about the same person. ‘Psychotic’, ‘calculating’, ‘disturbed’ all could be used to describe Henry and Orton. Rhodes trys to interfere and cost Orton the match before attacking him to cause the DQ. Could this be building towards an actual feud? Maybe for the IC title? That certainly would bring prestige back to the title, having a main event talent fight for it. Rhodes does put one of his bags over Randy’s head, so that’s pretty much a sure thing. His ‘Cut the head off a viper’ and ‘Would you like a receipt with your paper bag?’ lines are absolute gold and more evidence of his top quality mic skills.

Divas: They have more then 4 Divas? That’s surprising given the focus has been the DoD vs Kelly/Eve. Kelly did go for a move that looked like the Tarantula and its nice to see her do stuff other then the basic kicks or punches. I’m surprised Eve got tagged in, as I thought she would stand on the apron like she has a few times in the past. Good thing she got in, because she hit a Moonsault for the win. Cue the DoD run in, or just show them backstage watching. It’s the backstage option as Beth continues to be dolled up, diminishing her anti-Barbie message week by week.

Funkman: He comes out ans basically shoos Kelly and Eve away. Nice move Johnny. He does book a Del Rio-Cena match for the WWE Title at Vengeance. At least the WWE hasn’t forgotten it has a PPV in less then two weeks. He calls JR to the ring, basically to berate him and call him an ingrate. Though, it’s kind of hard to take what he’s saying seriously with that raspy voice. Though he certainly was serious when he fired JR. There go some ratings, as if there are any left for the WWE nowadays. Words cannot describe how bad a move this is for business.

6 Man Tag: If Batista ever returns, he has the perfect person to feud with in Mason Ryan. It’d be like looking in a mirror. For now Ryan tags with AirBoom to face Ziggler, Swagger and Otunga. It seems they’re keeping this AirBoom/Swaggler feud going, maybe until Awesome Truth comes back. Ryan shows off his Batista-strength by picking up and Ziggler and tossing him back into the ring. This wasn’t a tag match as much as it was a match to showcase Mason Ryan. He was the focus and got a number of big power move spots.

Del Punko: Mitchell Cole I’m not interested in hearing about the tweets you get. I’m more interested in hearing the actual match being called. But of course he doesn’t and proceeds to start the match by insulting the fans in Oklahoma for far too much time. Meanwhile, a match is going on! It has a good flow to it, nothing real big at the beginning but building up before making Punk and Del Rio team up to face a returning Miz and Truth. With Del Rio going against the obviously heel Miz and Truth, I’m interested  to see what reaction he gets from the crowd. They obviously hate Miz and Truth, so maybe Alberto gets a few face cheers when he gets a hot tag from Punk? He walks out on Punk, so I suppose not. Now we have a handicap match and I really, really hope this doesn’t turn into a Cena-esque comeback for Punk. He starts to do just that and when trying to go for a bulldog on Miz, manages to knock down Truth at the same time. After a Savage elbow drop, it’s naptime but of course Truth breaks it up and the beatdown ensues causing a DQ. HHH runs out in street clothes and unloads on both Truth and Miz. Punk and H stand tall in the ring while Johnny Ace and Bow Tie Otunga watch backstage. Ace makes a Punk-HHH vs Miz-Truth tag match at Vengeance. That should be interesting and having only one more RAW before the PPV doesn’t really hurt it as this has been an ongoing feud really. More importantly, it appears as if The Game is back.