#fallout: Big Show running in to help Johnny win last night was not that big of a surprise, well at least not to all the marks out there or the little kids who are fans of Smiley Show. I will say that Johnny’s ‘ring gear’ was quite stylish and better then some clothing they’ve put out in the past. If you didn’t already know that WWE was going down the tube, the recent news of permanent 3 hour RAWs and the fact that Battle of The Johns was the PPV main event and the first lead in for the next RAW clinches it. I could ramble on about how it buries an excellent WWE Title match, but it had all the drama the company wanted.

#firstout: So who’s the first out tonight? Who other then John Cena! His promo will be a mix of ‘well i lost, but that’s ok’ and ‘Show betrayed me blah blah’. It does pretty much happen like that, but at least Cena mentions the Anonymous GM Computer. I thought Vince wanted that to die quietly? So why let Cena mention it? Schoolteacher Eve introduces Johnny who comes out on one of those wheelchair scooters complete with crutches much to everyone’s chagrin, though I find it quite humorous, plus he sells it like a champ. He announces Cena-Show for No Way Out, which was expected, so at least it’s official now. Show’s explanation for turning heel was kind of weak since he went the I-got-no-respect route, though he does put plenty of emotion into it. The Law Offices of David Otunga’s Travel Mug randomly comes out for a match against Cena and predictably gets demolished. What was not predictable was Reks, Hawkins, Young and O’Neil coming out to destroy Cena. Now a face needs to run in to help and it’s Sheamus. Which leads to Johnny booking Cena-Sheamus in a 2 on 3 Lumberjack match. People Power!

#blueonred: Orton-Del Rio sounds like it will be a decent match, but both are Smackdown superstars wrestling on RAW. It always irks me when that happens. Couldn’t they save it for both guys’ own show? Or at least put a RAW wrestler in there? Santino coming out to mock Ricardo’s introduction style and Cobra him was the comedy bit for the night. While some might complain it takes up too much time, at least this particular one wasn’t too painful. The match itself was solid, but sort of ruined by Jericho running into to cause the DQ with a Codebreaker on Orton. This strongly indicates that we’ll get a Orton-Jericho feud, which is something fresh for both of them and hopefully Jericho will mention Orton’s Punt that put him out of action way back in 2010.

#controversial: That’s what the ending to the Punk-Bryan match was, even though it’s pretty clear the ref made the 3 count right before Punk started to tap out. Of course Bryan whines that he got robbed but he does start Q&A Time with Daniel Bryan, where the answer is always ‘Yes!’ It’s sort of like Miz’s Really? Game. Quote of the Night comes from Cole: ‘How can footage be doctored?’ in reference to the footage Bryan showed. Punk’s retort is the he pinned Bryan clean and didn’t mention tapping out afterwards. Punk has footage of his own and it shows Bryan interfering in Punk’s match against Kane last Smackdown. The Champ introduces Bryan’s opponent as……

#rolereversal:….Kane? Isn’t this the spot where a face comes out? It’s confusing when WWE does something like this and doesn’t make clear who are the face and heel. This could actually be a good match but Creative goes with another DQ finish as Kane hit Bryan with a chair. I can understand having a DQ result in a match to keep a feud going, keep one guy looking strong, etc, but when it’s overused it waters down the meaning. At least Punk was on commentary for the match. To keep the bizarre theme going, there’s the backstage segment with Punk and AJ afterwards. So is AJ trying to get with Punk since she can’t have Bryan or just to make him jealous?

#triumphantreturn: Captain Charisma is back after a long time away and became IC Champ his first night back to boot. The crowd reaction and his reaction on stage solidify Christian as a face, while he was a decent heel, he’s much more suited to being a face. Random fact: the last time Christian won the IC Title was in August 2003 when he defeated Booker T. Check Wikipedia, everything on there is true. He gets the typical return match, a squash that’s only slightly longer then usual against Jindar Mahal. Its more blue-on-red as both men are Smackdown wrestlers.

#divaszzzzzzzz: It’s the typical Divas match as Beth beats Kelly Kelly in a few minutes. The thing that makes it noteworthy is that Beth appears to be on track to a re-match with Layla.

#tensionbuilding: In effort to build tension and keep people in the dark, Creative did not announce the 3 men who will be facing Cena and Sheamus. It does keep the illusion alive of the faces being unprepared. The heel trio is revealed to be Ziggler, Swagger and Tensai. The match plays out like the usual faces-at-a-disadvantage where Cena and Sheamus get ganged up on, fight back, so on and so forth. Lumberjack Jericho grabbing Sheamus’ foot so Tensai can attack him is a nice touch and keeps a possible feud going. Tensai randomly gets blood on his face at one point. There is no winner as an all out brawl erupts. During it Cena slips out, goes backstage to find Johnny and demands to know the location of Show. Of course Cena turns around and receives a WMD from Show, as if no one saw that coming. It certainly enhances Show’s heel turn and it should be interesting to see how the turn progresses.