#gohome: Well WWE certainly has alot to accomplish tonight in the RAW go home show before Mania. They still have Smackdown, but their biggest matches/storylines headed into Sunday revolve around the Red Brand. Cole certainly seems excited as he introduces the show, even more so when he tells us that Booker T is joining him and King at commentary. Cole’s ‘excitement’ for Booker being there reminds of the times when he mocked the 5 TIME, 5 TIME, 5 TIME WCW CHAMPION with Rhodes’ ‘bags’, only because it shows how disingenuous Cole can be. He’ll be mocking Booker before the end of the first match.

#bluebrandspecial: Speaking of which, our first match is a tag team match putting together Smackdown’s top feuds. While Sheamus tries to shut up that smarmy Bryan, Orton has to tame the Big Red Monster. Personally, I like the buildup to his Mania match with Punk last year better, mainly because Punk called him ‘Randall’, among others. If JR were here, which he’s not because Vince hates him, he would call the Orton-Kane match a slobberknocker. At least King calls out Cole for his current man crush of Bryan after his prior treatment of him. Interesting spot when Kane delivers a punch to Sheamus, who totally over sells it by flying through the ropes to the outside. Of course this allows Bryan to do a sneak attack with the ref’s back turned and tag in to continue the punishment. The Pale One does get a hot tag in on The Viper, who starts to hear those voices and do his 5 Moves of Doom, though Kane pulls out Bryan before the RKO. The match ends in true heel fashion when AJ gets in the way as Sheamus is pumping up for the Brogue Kick on Bryan, Kane slips in a Chokeslam and Bryan gets the pin. Traditional booking suggests with the heels winning before the PPV, the faces will triumph on Sunday. It certainly seems like Orton will, but the WHC is more up in the air.

#spoketoosoon: As if to make up for the nice comment about Booker he made at the top of the show, Cole is now in the ring with a Team Johnny shirt on and says he’s now the team’s official commentator. Ugh, but it does get worse as he introduces Mr Johnny who in turn introduces his team’s official flag bearer as Vickie Guerrero and then his captain, The Law Offices of David Otunga’s Travel Mug. It gets even worse when Booker introduces Teddy, who also in turn introduces his captain Santino. It would also seem Hornswoggle and Booker are Vickie and Cole’s counterparts on Team Teddy. Thankfully Captain vs Captin II is over quickly with Santino winning after Otunga got distracted with Swoggle. Johnny and Teddy jaw at each other as predicted, but Ace is saved from a Cobra by Miz who is made the final member of Team Johnny, though not before Johnny flubs and says Miz is on Team Teddy before correcting himself.

#savinggrace: Eve accompanied by Beth faces Kelly Kelly to build what hype they can for the tag match on Sunday. The only thing that can save that match is if Kharma gets involved somehow. By the why what happened to Natalya? Is she getting treated for her has problem? Kelly wins, Beth oversells her shock and the Divas division sinks even lower, if it could have at all.

#potentialfeud: I know this is just a one off match that won’t really lead to anything, but I like the matchup of Punk and Christian. Both are veterans who are good on the mic and in the ring as well. If Christian comes over to RAW via the draft, then it could make for a good feud. Jericho doesn’t even wait for the match to start before appearing on the Tron this time to talk about how Punk’s parents got married after he was born which makes a bastard, legally at least. You knew it was going to be something personal and Y2J did not disappoint. Captain Charisma takes the chance to blindside Punk and the match finally begins. It doesn’t take long for Punk to take out all his frustrations and go nuts. It takes four refs to get Punk to break the Anaconda Vice on Christian not once but twice.

#outofcaptivity: The Funkasaurus is let out of captivity once again to squash a jobber, jiggle alot and dance. This was entertaining when it started, but now it’s growing stale and a bit boring.

#caged: Speaking of letting something out of its cage, Big Show lets his rage out against Primo and in doing so not only sends a message to Cody Rhodes, but also squashes one half of the tag champs, further devaluing the title. Because Creative is not content with demeaning the tag titles that way, Cole announces during the match that Christian has been ‘medically ruled out’ for Mania. Epico receives a Chokeslam like his partner and Show even motions to Rosa, asking her if she wants one too. Rhodes cant resist coming out on stage and mocking Show some more for his Mania failures, even saying after he wins ‘Big Show’ will be a verb meaning failing at something. If Colbert can make up ‘truthiness’ why can’t Cody make up his own words?

#boring: So Mark Henry takes on Great Khali and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. At least when Team Johnny comes to the ring with Christian’s replacement, Drew McIntyre, it’s enough to wake people up since you know there’s going to be a brawl. Henry had Teddy set up for the WSS and I was expecting Mysterio’s music to hit, but instead Booker makes the save and is made the last member of Team Teddy. The segment wasn’t so much boring as it was predictable, especially when Booker got involved and you knew he would be made part of Team Teddy.

#brokenrecord: The thing that the Rock-Cena feud needed in the go home show was for both of them to finally get serious instead of cracking jokes or rapping. Rock certainly doesn’t do his part, making references to his freaky dentist and Betty White’s ‘Civil War pie’, while pausing every so often for the crowd to chant one of his 42 catchphrases. I do like how this has all come full circle, in that this match was made the night after Mania 27 in Atlanta, where RAW is tonight. Cena comes out and does his usual schtick although at least he acknowledges he might get heavily booed on Sunday in Miami, Rock’s hometown. Even when Cena tries to be serious he does it in a joking manner. At least he is actually serious when he’s talking about the 10 years he’s been with the WWE and how much a victory would mean to him. Rock gets serious when he talks about what a victory would mean to him as well, but soon afterwards it goes back to the way it was before. A staredown ends the show and a segment that did and told us nothing that we haven’t already seen or heard before. Now it’s up to WWE Marketing to promote the hell out of this until Sunday.