#endofanera: Sadly we must all tearfully bid goodbye to the People Power Era as Funkman was fired last night. Or was he? I’m betting he finds some way to slither back into the GM position, possibly with the help of The Board of Directors? Even Michael Cole agrees with me that this is a new era. How’s that for credibility? We start this uncertain new era with…Mick Foley? With RAW 1000 approaching will they be bringing out a former star each week? The idea to have Legends as Guest GMs each week until a permanent one is found is not a bad idea. At least it can’t be as awkward as some of the former guest hosts. Foley’s first act is to make a Kane-Bryan vs Punk-Sheamus tag match? Is he trying to usurp Teddy’s gimmick?

#farewellfornow: The crowd showering Laurinaitis with boos and jeers at the beginning of his ‘farewell speech’ is the biggest amount of heat anyone has gotten in some time. That it is directed at an authority figure either means Ace was good at what he did or WWE can’t get that amount of heat on an actual wrestler. Or perhaps both. He can’t even finish his signature introduction, but does slip in the bit that before he was fired he made tonight’s main event of him teaming with Show and Otunga to take on Cena in a handicap match. Plus it’s the main event.

#topbilling: It should be no surprise that the match featuring both of the company’s world champions is the first on the card, while the gimmick handicap one that features a recently fired authority figure and a horrible lawyer/wrestler is the main event. Oh well. Cole talks up the fact that Punk’s title reign is now the 4th longest in the last 15 years, though he’s got a long way to go to beat Cena’s year long reign. I could watch Punk and Bryan wrestle every RAW for the rest of the year, but we’ll all have to settle for what Creative doles out to us. Despite an extended heel beatdown of Sheamus, it was a surprisingly good match that the faces win after Punk hits Bryan with the GTS and is immediately Brogue Kicked by Sheamus for the pin. That unique finish came about because AJ pranced around the ring in a Kane mask/outfit before heading to the back distracting Kane yet again.

#neededsplit: Ziggler and Swagger face off against one another because Vickie is tired of their bickering and wants them to fight to see who will retain her services. I’m pretty sure the crowd will be pulling for Ziggler in this one. This could have been a decent feud, though it would have required one of them to turn face. Dolph gets the face treatment for this match, suffering an onslaught from Swagger, especially when he was in the Ankle Lock and had to try to crawl to the ropes. He’s still able to pull out the victory and gets to ‘keep’ Vickie. Isn’t this the exact same place they were before Vickie picked up Swagger as her 2nd client?

#heymanhustle: Heyman is out to respond to HHH’s challenge to fight Brock at Summerslam. It’s good TV anytime Heyman is on and the reasons should be obvious to everyone. He can’t even say ‘Brock Lesnar’ normally, has to do it in a guttural voice. In true heel fashion, Heyman denies the challenge at first before H comes out and insults Brock’s masculinity and ego in order to goad him into accepting. Heyman’s retorts are vintage Heyman and at throwback to his work back in the day. As good as it is, all it earns him is a punch in the face from HHH.

#disgrace: The Santino-Ricardo ‘match’ last night was such a travesty that Santino taking on Alberto tonight will be better by default. It’s essentially an extended squash with Del Rio winning with the CAB and another black mark for the US Title.

#lauper: Cyndi Lauper is the special guest star tonight and her segment starts out alright, but goes sharply downhill when Heath Slater shows up to run his mouth. We’re all saved from more torture with the appearance of Rowdy Roddy Piper, but even he makes it more awkward. I just can’t find the proper words to describe how uncomfortable it was to watch.

#sendoff: Even before we’re treated to a great main event, we get the rest of Big Johnny’s farewell address. The highlight probably was Johnny saying its one of the darkest days in WWE, becauset he fans no longer have People Power. Show’s out for the match, but grabs a mic and says he has his big contract, that it took 6 men to beat him last night, so he’s proven himself. With that he says Ace and Travel Mug are on their own. Uh Oh. The ensuing match pretty much writes itself. Cena beats down Otunga who tags in a hobbled Johnny to get away. Johnny tries to tag back, but Otunga walks out on him too. Cena delivers three AAs before locking in the STF for the submission win.