#peoplepower: That slogan for Johnny’s new regime is lame we all know, but what’s even lamer is that he now has entrance music and a Tron video it seems. It’s like he’s trying to be Dixie Carter. At least The Law Offices of David Otunga’s Travel Mug are looking as a toolish as ever. Ace saying that Lesnar will carry the WWE banner for years  is another funny line from Mr Excitement since it’s all over the dirt sheets that Lesnar’s contract is only for a year. I’m surprised that Vince would let Cole mention Brock’s past in UFC, since Vinny doesn’t like to acknowledge that other promotions exist, at least ones that haven’t been bought out by him yet. Lesnar getting a face reaction is interesting since it seems he’s associating himself with the heel GM. It would seem to suggest he’s the heel foil to Cena’s uber face persona. Instead of talking to Lesnar, Cena gives him what looked like a half hearted slap to the face, which of course means Brock starts brawling with him. You know this is serious business since the whole locker room has to come out and separate them. I’m more shocked that we get both a William Regal and Goldust/Dustin sighting. They’ve done this kind of thing before so it’s not that special.

#jumpedtheshark: I don’t know the official time this happened, but this Funkasaurus gimmick has jumped the shark. He’s barely said 10 words on the mic, so all he does is dance with no character development going on. He’s teaming up with Santino to face Swaggler, so they can’t really make a tag match a one minute squash. With all the stalling at the beginning, the match will last longer. At one point Santino doesn’t do one of his usual comedic moves, but an actual one in an armbar, which accounts for 723 of the 1,004 holds that Jericho knows. Speaking of technical wrestling, Brodus wins with a splash in a match that’s lasted longer then all his previous ones combined.

#newoutfit: I’m not sure how I feel about Cody’s new robe/coat/jacket thing. It looks like something Lord Tensai would wear. I liked the previous jacket where he’d whip off the hood in his best AJ Styles impersonation. He faces R Truth and ostensibly ‘Little Jimmy’ as well. Normally an adult like Truth having an imaginary friend would cause concern, but it’s part of his character and the crowd seems entertained by it. Big Show interrupts yet again to rub Cody’s Mania loss in his face and cost him another match. It’s a nice change of pace since now Show has gotten inside Cody’s head instead of the other way around.

#atrain: So it’s Lord Tensai’s second match back in the WWE. I like his ceremony of walking down in his robe and headpiece, along with their removal and the subsequent glare into the camera. It gives this sense that he’s as big and powerful as he’s been hyped to be with the Japanese writing on his face just adding to that. I figured he’d face Yoshi Tatsu sooner or later and he’s just as impressive with his power moves as he was last week, forcing the ref to stop the match because of it.

#straightedge: As if replaying Jericho’s attack on Punk last week before and after the commercial break wasn’t enough to tell you the Champ wouldn’t be in good mood, his walking to the ring without doing his usual ‘clobberin’ time’ routine did. Plus he had his angry face on. He has to defend the title against Henry again in this state of mind, which probably means he’ll blow a gasket and try to do what he did to Christian a few weeks back. I was wondering how they’d address the non-drinking Punk having whiskey poured over his face last week and it comes in a form of Punk himself explaining the core of why he’s straight edge and why he’s kept those reasons private. Great promo from Punk, delivered in an appropriately frustrated tone of voice with matching facial expressions and mannerisms. We all know Punk can joke and insult with the best of em, but showing his range as a performer really sets him apart from a majority of the roster. Jericho showing up on the Tron to taunt Punk further and call him CM Drunk only adds to the personal level this feud has taken. Oh yeah he still has to defend the title and I’m sure some in the crowd forgot about that. Only a few minutes in Punk cracks Henry over the skull with a monitor from the announce table causing a DQ retention. Despite that Henry gives him two WSS afterwards. Jericho is there for a repeat of last week, only this time with beer.

#needforspeed: Another reason it’s goo to have Del Rio is all the cars he brings to the ring. This time he has one that opens like the one in Back To The Future and as expensive as it is, there must be a flux capacitor somewhere inside. He has a little but of trouble against Zack Ryder but eventually locks in the CAB for the submission victory. Cole and Lawler are gushing over how Del Rio was able to do that getting hit with the Broski Boot, but in the replay they show, Alberto’s hand can clearly be seen coming up to block most of the force from the kick.

#stooged: Oh yeah the 3 Stooges are the guest stars tonight and definitely didn’t measure up to the Muppets’ visit. The only good part was Curly coming out at one point dressed up as Hulk Hogan to ‘Real American’. I’m sure most of the crowd was as confused as I when the music hit.

#orly?: So this is the ‘main event’? Cena-Otunga? Really? REALLY??? Couldn’t they have put this in the middle of the show and had the WWE Title match and Jeri-Beer show go last? Oh wait, it’s Cena we’re talking about. It doesn’t take long for the typical dueling Cena chants to get started. Speaking of typical, this is a typical Cena match where he gets beat down alot until he ‘magically’ recovers and busts loose until he locks in the STF for the win. Maybe if Otunga hadn’t been flexing and posing so much he might’ve kept up the pressure. Even the rabidly pro heel Cole is confused by the showing off. To no one’s surprise, Lesnar shows up afterwards with a sneak attack kick to the nuts followed by another F5. The shows ends just like last week, but we won’t have to wait long for more WWE as the special Live Smackdown is tomorrow.