#shocker: C’mon, as if you actually thought the Cena-Lesnar match was going to end any other way.  Deep down we all knew Cena would find a way to win. He did just that in a not so innovative way, channeling his inner Superness. At least all is right in the WWE Universe and the fallout from this match will likely overshadow an excellent WWE Title match. You know that title that ostensibly is the richest prize in the business and the focus of RAW. Oh wait…

#outofbreath: Do you think Laurinaitis is ever out of breath when he finishes saying all his titles? I mean all of them together are quite long, so it would be understandable. Either way he sure seems excited to be in the ring and whether he’s revolutionized the company as he claims is yet to be seen, but it’s still entertaining television. So Brock brought legitimacy back to the WWE? What a way to bury the entire roster. Who does he think he is? Triple H? Brock coming out and claiming he did exactly what he said he would do seems to conveniently overlook the fact that he lost. Thankfully HHH himself shows up to put a stop to that nonsense and put Brock in his place by revoking all his demands from last week. Ripping up Brock’s special contract was a nice touch. Lesnar can’t contain himself and attacks H while his back is turned, putting him in the same submission he used to ‘break’ Cena’s arm last night. Not that shocking at all, because Brock wouldn’t have meekly agreed to go back to the terms of his original contract as HHH was offering.

#beattheclock1: CM Punk’s next challenger for the WWE Title will be determined in a Beat The Clock Challenge. I’m not that big a fan of the concept, but I suppose it works in this instance. Having Miz face Santino to start off is an interesting choice. First because Santino retained the US title against Miz last night and second because it reinforces how far Miz has fallen, as if any more evidence was needed. He does beat Santino in 4:18, so maybe it’s a sign things are looking up. Then again what really needs to happen is for this ‘burial’ to continue just long enough for Miz to snap at Laurinaitis, thus turning face. It could do wonders for his career. He has the charisma and mic skills to succeed in a face role, plus he’s over with the crowd.

#bigreturn: Even bigger then Brock coming back is the return of Layla to capture the Divas title! Ok not so much, but at this point, it’s the most exciting thing to happen to the division in a long time. She has her first title defense now against both of the Bellas. She quickly takes advantage of their bickering to get the roll up pin in less then a minute. She then gets out of the ring and walks to the back. Huh? I thought for sure this would be when Kharma comes out, but maybe they’re holding off on that since Eve just name dropped her last night. Oh and Lawler got to be a creepy, old man as is expected.

#beattheclock2: Next up for The Clock series is Punk’s previous antagonist Jericho taking on Big Show. Not only did he go through a brutal Street Fight last night, he has to deal with what is most likely a very angry Big Show after losing his IC Tite on a technicality. That was shades of Bobby Roode at Lockdown. I wonder if Cole or Lawler will mention these guys’ past as Jeri-Show. That Lionsault by Jericho looked like it hurt him as much as it did Show. With the clock winding down, Y2J dodged a boot from Show and appeared to get back in the ring before the 10 count was up and the clock went out. It was very close, but after the break it was determined that Jericho did not beat the clock, so Miz is still in contention.

#muchcredit: As much flak as I give Cena for his character in and out of the ring, the work he does for Make-A-Wish is very comendable. When you see what it means for those kids to meet Cena, it really means alot. Given his work with the organization, it’s only fitting WWE would mention it in this brief segment about World Wish Day.

#beattheclock3: In an interesting twist, this Clock match features both contestants in the WHC Match from Extreme Rules 2010, Randy Orton and Jack Swagger. It sure has been a long time since Swagger had that title and he’s done exactly nothing in the meantime. He actually did a good job holding up against Orton in this match, but it was all over when Randall went to That Place. Swagger got an Anklelock in, but got reversed out of it and ate an RKO. Orton got the pin with about two seconds to spare, making him the new leader in this series.

#giantpennies: So Epico & Primo are out defending their tag titles against Truth and Kingston. The challengers win to give us new tag champs and I would care more if WWE had actually done anything with Epico & Primo as the champs. It was a very uninspiring reign for them, so hopefully the new champs can do something.

#beattheclock4: Oh please no. Kane vs Khali? Why is Khali even in this? His WHC was something to forget and why couldn’t his spot have been taken by Ziggler? Neither of the tow could get a victory in 4:16, so thankfully that’s over.

#beattheclock5: If you thought Khali being a part of the Clock challenge was bad, you won’t like Lawler participating. His opponent is The Yes Man himself, Daniel Bryan. The crowd chanted along with ‘Yes!’ every time Bryan landed a hit. He didn’t fool around, slapping on the Yes! Lock to get the submission win in 2:20. Indie fans probably just had their minds blown, realizing it’ll be Punk-Bryan for the WWE Title. Out of every outcome this is the best possible one, because it has the potential to be a 5 star match.

#prodigalson: Cena is out for his usual show-ending promo with his arm in a sling to sell the effects of last night. Blah blah I’m John Cena blah blah I overcame the odds. Finally Ace comes out to end this broken record. He jaws at Cena for not appreciating that he brought Brock in to push Cena to the limit. Kind of flimsy reasoning, isn’t it? He was about to announce Cena’s opponent at Over The Limit when Lord Tensai’s music hit and he came out for a brawl. In the midst of it, Laurinaitis told Cena his next PPV opponent would be…him, before joining in on the beating. Wow what a way to follow up a very buzzworthy feud with Lesnar. My earlier prediction came true and this was the fallout focused on, not the one from the WWE Title.