#draftornot: So I guess they aren’t doing the Draft tonight, even though this is the time of year they usually do it. Then again the advent of the RAW Supershow does kind of make the Brand Extension concept a moot point. I am all for keeping the two brands because it gives more wrestlers their time to shine, plus there’s always that inter-brand rivalry. Plus you’d think with the NFL Draft this weekend, WWE would tap into that somehow.

#contractsigned: Surprisingly, they kick off the show with the Cena-Lesnar contract signing. I figured that would be much later in the show, given it’s the RAW match being given the most hype for the PPV. Still it’s a good way to grab people’s attention right off the bat. Teddy is out to oversee it seems and ruins it immediately from the outset, referring to Cena as a ‘2 time WWE Champ and 10 time WWE Champ’. Of course Cole jumps all over it, saying correctly that Cena is a 2 time WHC, but still like a dick about it. When Lesnar’s music hits and Mr GM comes on stage, it turns out it was some sort of hoax on Ace’s part where he told Teddy to start the signing but then said he ‘didn’t’ give that order. Seems kind of a waste of a segment, but it does get massive heat for Johnny.

#realshocker: After that non starter, they make up for it with the surprise appearance of Edge. He comes out to confront Cena and begins ripping into him about how he’s not the same guy when they were feuding and how he’s sick of the happy-go-lucky Cena. It was one hell of a promo. Tone, facial expressions and intensity were just right and it certainly got the point across of painting Brock as the anti-WWE guy and Cena as the face of the company. Not that it really needed that, but it was still awesome to see Edge, as it always is when he makes an appearance.

#litebrite: So Jericho comes out for his match against Kofi Kingston with new lights on his jacket. I wonder if next time they’ll be arranged to spell out a word or phrase. It was a pretty good match, like their one right before Mania, but Cole and Lawler seem more intent on bickering about whether what Jericho says about Punk is true or not. When Kofi went up top for a high risk maneuver, Jericho caught him with a Codebreaker and then locked in the Liontamer version of The Walls for the win. If that didn’t send a message to Punk, then Y2J’s post match insults did. Not that Punk needed any more reason to hate Jericho.

#squashfiller: With a 3 hour RAW, you know there will be several squash/filler matches. First is Tensai defeating R Truth and by extension silencing Little Jimmy. Later, it’s a Teddy Special tag match with Show-Khali vs Del Rio-Rhodes. That one wasn’t a filler so much as it nothing new. Khali still looks stiff in the ring, the heels isolated Show and Del Rio walked out on Cody, helping the faces turn things around for the win. Even worse we have another tag match between the Tag Champs and Santino-Ryder, with the announcement that Santino wil ldefend the US title against The Miz on the Extreme Rules YouTube pre show. Looks like Miz’s slide continues, unless they somehow give him the win. I thought that tag match would be the worst match of the night. However, that honor goes to the Clay-Swoggle vs Ziggler-Swagger one that was ‘presented’ by the Doritos tacos. Not only is it a shameless ad plug, but it further buries both Ziggler and Swagger.

#bigrednightmare: Kane may be on the downside of his career, but he still can cut a good promo from time to time. This one has him taunting Orton and calling him a little boy who crys for his daddy at night hoping the monster will go away. It’s his delivery that really sells the whole thing. Orton thinks he has turned the tables when he appears on the Tron with Paul Bearer and subsequently shoves him into a giant freezer. Kane’s response is that the Devil was always his real father and he could care less about Bearer. That more then anything so far has gotten Kane’s monster persona to feel realistic.

#executivepower: So Eve is now the Executive Administrator in Laurianitis’ regime and what that means is anybody’s guess. Apparently it comes with some booking power as she changes the Beth-Nikki Bella match for the Divas title into a Lumberjill one. It really changes nothing as the outside women aren’t a real factor and Lawler still gets to leer at them like a creepy, old man. Beth lands awkwardly on an ankle while sliding to the outside and Nikki takes advantage with a roll up for the win. Either Beth was selling like a champ or she legitimately injured her ankle. Not a great end to her reign, but then that reign hasn’t meant much lately.

#howmanyfingers: Earlier Jericho thinks he caught Punk taking a ‘drink’ and gets Johnny to agree to give Punk a sobriety test in the ring, so he can strip him of the WWE Title. Being the true heel he is, Johnny makes Teddy do it. Punk sure acts like he’s intoxicated as he comes down to the ring and during the ‘test’. Of course it was a setup to began with and Jericho completely bought into it, which made it even sweeter for Punk. The whole segment was kind of silly, but it was entertaining and isn’t that what really counts in today’s WWE?

#powerabuse: Sheamus and Mark Henry are in the ring ready to go, but Johnny has appointed a guest referee. That person is Mr Yes Daniel Bryan himself, clad all in ref clothes. This certainly makes the match more interesting as Sheamus cannot touch any ref or he’ll get fired. Bryan takes full advantage taunting him and even giving Henry a quick count victory.

#contract?: Given the non-start at the top of the show, I wonder if they’ll actually get to both men signing the contract. More importantly, I wonder who’s going to be the one who goes through the table. It’s a contract signing, so that has to happen, or at least a brawl has to erupt. It starts out abnormally with Cena not even coming out, so Lesnar switches gears and goes at Ace with some demands/requests. They feature all major GM decisions being routed through him first, Vince’s private jet and more money. He continues to lay it on thick and it’s almost like they’re trying to garner sympathy for Johnny. Since he’s a heel, he agrees to those absurd terms and Brock signs the contract. It’s at this point that Cena finally shows up, comes down to the ring, gets insulted by Lesnar and doesn’t even say a word as he stares down his nemesis to close the show.