So now that the final PPV of 2012 is over, it’s time to turn to the Rumble and the beginning of The Road to Wrestlemania. After a pretty good PPV there are tons of questions. Why is Cesaro so underrated? Will we see MizTV at least once a week from now on? Now that Big Show has unveiled Gigantic versions of a ladder and, most recently, a chair, will we see a Gigantic table next? Just what is AJ’s deal? Is Alberto Del Rio a face now? What does The Shield do for an encore? Is Cody’s moustache the most over thing in the WWE? It’s the Slammys tonight so that’s fun, right?

Turns: AJ is as crazy and unhinged as ever it seems after she cost Cena the MITB briefcase and her ‘encounter’ with Dolph tonight. It sounds like she’s turning heel, but this could be another ‘crazy chick’ episode. Who knows? Much like her turn, her interference was something very much unexpected, so ya never know with AJ. Speaking of unexpected, was last night the start of a Del Rio face turn? Running in to save someone like he did for Ricardo is usually a face tactic. If this becomes a full fledged face turn, I’m all for it. His stock is low and his character is so stale right now, it certainly couldn’t hurt his career. The crowd could get behind him by reviving the Si chants or or chanting Albertoooooooo Del Riooooooooooooooooo along with Ricardo.

Nature Boy: Ric Flair is back in the WWE! Woooo! Punk says he could beat Flair on one leg and Flair accepts! Wooo! Punk uses his crutches as weapons but Flair ends up putting Heyman in the Figure Four! Wooo! The Shield shows up to attack Flair but Hell No joins the brawl! Wooo! Ryback comes out to Feed on The Shield! Wooo! Flair is back! Wooo!

The Shield: They put on one hell of a match last night. I thought the concept of a TLC match decided by pin or submission and not by getting something hanging above the ring wouldn’t work. It did work in a big way. The only complaint I would have is that there wasn’t that huge spot where someone leaps from a ladder onto a table or other guys. On the other hand, Rollins did get pushed off a ladder and through like 2 or 3 tables. What is so impressive about The Shield’s win is that they were a cohesive team. They isolated the faces for 3-on-1 and 2-on-1 assaults. Drawing Ryback away from the ring so he couldn’t save Bryan from being pinned was brilliant. Their entrance of coming down through the crowd from different directions is kind of cool, since it’s something we don’t see at all.

Slammys: If WWE can do anything well, it’s shameless self-promotion and the Slammys are a prime example of that. They won’t pass up a chance to cloak one of their shows in pomp and pageantry. As if that wasn’t bad enough, they rammed the WWE app down everyone’s throat by reminding people it’s the only way to vote every 4 minutes. It seems like they change award titles every year to keep with trends at the time, like ‘Pipe Bomb of The Year’ from last year because Punk was so popular.  Sometimes they awards are used as a way to advance feuds or move them along such as the ‘Kiss Of The Year’ and AJ’s acceptance ‘speech’. So with the WWE Universe voting for Superstar of The Year, they choose John Cena? Shocking! He also has 2 out of the 4 nominations for Match Of The Year. Punk vs Bryan is not included at all, which is an absolute travesty.

Romance: When was the last time there was a romance in WWE that ended well or wasn’t totally wacky? AJ jumped between Kane, Bryan and Punk before getting married to Bryan. That didn’t work out as all on-screen WWE weddings do, then moves on to Cena, turned her back on him and now is going for The Showoff. I know WWE has that soap opera tendency in their storylines, but do they really have to keep beating us over the head with it? Once AJ is done with Dolph, who will she pursue next? Cody and that great ‘stache? Khali????? It’s like Creative doesn’t know how to do a romance angle that isn’t convoluted and overly drawn out. Then again if they did a simple, logical one, people would still complain.

Ziggler: Dolph gets thrown in yet another love angle, but that’s not the worst part of the night for him. After Sheamus beats Show silly with The Giant Chair of Doom, Ziggler attempts to cash in his MITB only to be thwarted by Cena. It makes sense for Cena to do it as a way to get payback, but it still leaves Ziggler in limbo. Last night would’ve been the perfect opportunity if Show was down after his match and Dolph cashed in and won. That would mean the Ladder with Cena would’ve been for the WHC and AJ could’ve cost Cena a bigger prize. Dolph has almost cashed in several times, but they can’t get keep using the same tactic over and over again. If Ziggler was the World Champ that could’ve led to an interesting feud with Sheamus, Show or both. Now where does Show go from here? What main event face is over enough to feud with him?