Just because it’s not an official trailer doesn’t mean it can’t be awesome. If you like the idea of the upcoming Superman Vs Batman movie, and you’ve already seen MAN OF STEEL, you should check out this trailer from Mr88668866.

There ARE some MAN OF STEEL spoilers in here, almost right at the beginning, so be forewarned!!

After the trailer, scroll down for my thoughts on it!

So clearly some of the scenes were taken from Man Of Steel and Daredevil, but I really like how he incorporated clips from PACIFIC RIM and the cut-scenes from ARKHAM ORIGINS. Very nice touch.

The plot Mr88668866 is hinting at is exactly what I’m expecting nfrom the Superman Vs Batman movie… with a little less fighting between The World’s Finest duo. By that, I mean I fully expect Lex Luthor to take a vocal role in trying to persuade the public that Superman is a dangerous menace, not a hero. Because there’s not much Lex Luthor can do to fight Superman physically, I do expect he might create something like Metallo, as is hinted at in the trailer with the clips taken from TERMINATOR: SALVATION. I also like the idea that Luthor might create an Iron Man style suit so that he can get more involved in the action, which DC Comics fans have seen him do in various formats already, especially in video games.

Either way, this is an excellent trailer which shows a considerable level of craftsmanship. Most fan-made trailers I’ve seen will just edit together clips from different movies and put some music behind it, but this one featured some very clever filters and visual effects, such as Batman being in the interrogation scene from MAN OF STEEL in place of Lois Lane.

As I look through more videos from this user, I’ll share anything that I think is a “must see”.


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