Now in the follow-up, I’ve got a list of characters who, despite being popular with the fans for various reasons, don’t deserve a film all their own. While I’m sure there are many, here’s a few that come to mind:



No one’s going to argue against Chewbacca being a popular character, and he certainly has potential to be an interesting character with a backstory worth knowing more about. But at this point, you can’t switch to a situation where the audience can understand what Chewbacca is saying. Adding subtitles to his dialogue could result in the collective Wookie-style groan from Star Wars purists which would defeat the purpose of the project. Perhaps all they could do at this point would be to have someone like Han Solo and/or Yoda be involved as secondary characters to help us understand Chewie’s story… and at that point, we’re talking about a situation that would doubtfully result in a good production.

Lando Calrissian


We were first introduced to Lando when Han Solo visited Cloud City, and we learned that there was some bad blood between the two characters. Calrissian plays a significant role in the events of Empire Strikes Back, and gets some redemption in Return Of The Jedi in the efforts to destroy the second Death Star. I’m sure there are quite a few fans who would love to see the backstory behind Lando and Han, as well as to get more of Lando’s history, that would involve new actors portraying just slightly younger versions of Billy Dee Williams and Harrison Ford, and that’s not something anyone should attempt.

Jar Jar Binks


Though widely perceived as one of the main problems with The Phantom Menace, it’s worth including Jar Jar Binks in this list because he is significantly popular with a portion of the audience. Given that the character eventually made his way into the Galactic Senate, there might be a desire from the folks in charge of creating the spinoffs to come up with a project to tell more of Jar Jar’s backstory… though I’m afraid if a project of the sort ever gained traction, there might be widespread rioting.



Consider what I mentioned about Jar Jar Binks, and then convert that over to the original trilogy. Sure, they were far fiercer warriors than anything Jar Jar purposefully accomplished, but that doesn’t mean we need an additional film dedicated to them. Besides there was already one produced decades ago, and there’s a reason most people aren’t aware of it’s existence. Would I like to know why they thought C3PO was a god? Not enough for the producers to waste their time on another Ewok movie.

Darth Maul


There’s no question that Darth Maul is one of the coolest characters from any of the six Star Wars films. He’s a bad-ass killer. His untimely death at the end of Phantom Menace undoubtedly left most fans disappointed that they didn’t get more from Darth Maul. The problem is, there’s very little in the way of entertaining movie content to be had for Darth Maul’s backstory. You’re dealing with a character who can’t fight Jedis, because his presence would be known if he did. There’s no drama in wondering whether he’ll be capable of surviving any fight he’s in along the way, as we know his ultimate fate. All that’s left at that point are the scenes involving the manipulation, torture and training of Darth Maul by Darth Sidious. Given that we know Maul doesn’t (successfully) rebel against Palpatine, there’s not much drama there, either. At best, you’re talking about a movie which requires other characters to be the focal points, allowing Darth Maul to be a character who progresses in the background, a la Boba Fett and Jango Fett from Episode II.

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