No intro this week – I really have nothing to say – so let’s get right to it.

— Raw, for me, was definitely in the mixed bag department…and I was seriously annoyed by the technical glitches. If you don’t know what I mean, I’m assuming that all of you had jumpy video played throughout the evening, like things would be going great, then there’d be a click and the video would jump about a second forward. If not, then it’s my DVR and I needs to call me some Direct TV and get on their ass (but, it didn’t happen on any other shows, so I’m guessing it was Raw.) For those of you not in the know…its similar to the same glitch the company had a couple of weeks ago with the delay. See, Raw is “live” in that it runs concurrently with what takes place, but its also on a 10 second delay to ensure no naughty words escape into the world. There’s a guy in the TV truck sitting in front of a “dump” button and, when someone says “Fuck” on the PG television show, he presses the button and the word never runs across the air. It either goes “beep” over the naughty word, or it just fast forwards the video seven seconds so the offensive word never makes it to the airwaves.

That delay machine is what caused problems to start the show last week – the machine was grabbing an audio delay, but not a video delay…where as Monday, it seemed like it was dumping video without the button being pushed. And it became FUCKING annoying. Once or twice…I can deal with it. But every 10 minutes or so for an entire two hour program? UGH!!!

But, that wasn’t my overall problem with the show. My overall problem with the show was the actual hypocrisy on display by the WWE in regards to their PG programming and the inclusion of Stone Cold Steve Austin in their episodes.

Look, don’t get me wrong, I love SCSA as much as the next guy who enjoyed the attitude era. And, I understand the WWE’s need to continue to cart him out once every 3 or 6 months to stand in the ring, catch some beers from a tosser, and start drinking them…I’m even all right with Austin laying out a Michael Cole and dumping beer all over him.

BUT….was it just me, or did EVERYONE see pretty boy, kid icon John Cena slamming double fisted beers with SCSA at the end of Raw? Cena, the face of the company in the post-attitude era, a hero to six year olds all over the nation, just showed those same fans that it’s a-o-kay to slam a pair of beers.

Yes, the beer swilling took place at 10 p.m., and yes, my own kids fell asleep prior to the beer drinking by taking place, but in the world of TiVo’s and DVRs, they sure as hell saw it the next day. And, I’m assuming that I’m not alone.

It REEEAAAALLLLLYYYY flies in the face of what the WWE is supposed to be now, and, for my taste, its a bit annoying. You either ARE or AREN’T PG…you can’t be PG one week, then PG-13 the next week and expect people to not say something. Trust me, I’m not a prude in anyway shape or form…my kids fetch me beer when I’m in the mood to partake at my house, I let the boys play with Nerf swords and they have more dart guns than most kids should. They are exposed to violence because I feel its best to desensitize them to it early rather than try and explain it to them later. And, shit yea, I swear like a sailor on shore leave.

But, the point is that, the WWE is trying to put on this “we are a family semi-wrestling company” image now, so having your top star – the very kid friendly John Cena – swigging beers with SCSA is NOT what should end your show.

The other issue I had was the use of Zach Ryder.

Look, Ryder deserves show time, without a doubt. His Twitter self-promotion and “Z’s True Long Island Story” has shown the guy has charisma, if they just let him fly. But, putting him on Raw is a good way to bury him, number one, and turning him heel and hanging out with Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler is a damn fine way of killing his self-promoting heat AND bury him on Superstars forever.

People love his show, people love his Tweets, people loved him fist pumping with John Cena, so, obviously, the next logical step is to – turn him heel. DUMB!!!

Let the bastard go face like should be, throw him on Smackdown where he can probably thrive without being buried, and let him blossom. I mean, if I can see how that would help, then why can’t any of the other idiots in WWE-land see that as well?

What else can I bitch about?

How about the idea that Austin was “punished” by the nameless Raw GM and named the “special general manager” of the WWE All-Star Raw next week. That makes no sense – here, in punishment of your actions tonight, we’ll pay you money to be on Raw, hand you extra money to make all the decisions. Worse, the nameless GM says “You’re bad – so to slap your hand, we’ll give you my job.” It doesn’t make sense…and, for the record I’ll take that damned punishment any day.

After that, the rest of it was just kind of mediocre. You had Andy winning the TE contract, but you know damned well that top seven were invited to work at FCW and will be back in a couple of years (Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if Luke starts a program on SD! with Andy, saying he should have been the winner…) Beth Phoenix squashed a Bella during a tag match, and Del Rio took too much time to mock Big Show and his big owwie. (Why make fun of Show when he’s off TV for a month? And where’s the big Kane chokeslam pay off, setting them up for a match at Capital Punishment?)

The one thing I really did like was R-Truth this week. You know, I’ll admit, I’m starting to grow into this guy. The bastard is showing that he’s extremely quick witted in the ring, and his goofy mannerisms aren’t bothering me NEARLY as much as they used too. I’m glad to see he’s the number one competitor in this whole thing…and expect him to have a good run with Cena for awhile. And, of course, the Miz/Alex Riley feud is golden. In fact, the whole opening segment popped – minus SCSA and Vinnie Mac trying to steal the limelight of everything by continuing their decade long feud for NO reason. But, with everything else going on, I can look past that.

SD was another “eh” for me, but it did have one thing that I was hoping would happen. Christian either went “full heel,” or at least “tweener” in the episode. For months, I have begged WWE creative to turn Christian heel against Orton, and finally, he takes the belt and slams the Viper in the skull – AFTER costing Shamus his chance at championship gold. And I liked it.

I’m the firm believer that Christian does his best work when he talks about his “peeps” while those same fans boo at him mercilessly. So, I’m hoping this is a complete heel turn and not just some tweener bullshit. Making him heel gives someone with some credibility (besides Shamus and Wade Barrett) who can really challenge Orton.

Other than that, my FF’d button got a work out. Daniel Bryan vs. Ted DiBiase Jr. was nothing more than an exercise in decent wrestling, but not anything memorable. Ezekiel Jackson and Wade Barrett was pretty much expected, though I am a bit intrigued on what will happen now that Barrett let his Corre flunkies get an ass whipping instead of taking one himself. And, Mahal vs. Tatsu was a predetermined squash, which was designed specifically to create another mid-level bad guy.


The Diva section of the night is also…um…well, extremely boring. I can’t understand why they don’t have Natalya in the ring wrestling instead of carting out two newbies to get squashed against Alicia Fox and her own newbie. I mean, the loss of Layla to injury obviously is gonna hurt, but hurting to this extent is just…GIVE ME A HOT CHICK DAMMIT!!!! Alicia notwithstanding, the other three are just not what I expect from the WWE!! Cart out Maryse or something…anyone…because my God, fast-forward!!!

Also, I can’t understand why you would have a show with Sin Cara and not have Sin Cara actually wrestle. I mean, I understand that Mistico isn’t exactly pleasing the WWE brass because he is wrestling a luchador style rather than an American style, but you have snappy lighting for the guy!! Let him waste 10 minutes of the show by being all flippy!!!

I don’t know…it just seems like the WWE is spinning their wheels looking for SOMETHING to emerge, rather than just focusing on the things they have in their Locke rooms and writing for that.

I got me some WWE news bits too:

— A coroner in Florida released the official cause of death for Randy Savage as ventricular fibrillation. In case you’re not up on your Greys Anatomy terms, that means Savage had an abnormal heart rate where his heart basically an twitches now an then, causing an irregular heart beat. (You know who else has one? Me…) The condition is usually not terminal, but as the years go on, it can cause problems like fainting or heart attacks. Not sure if it was diagnosed and medicated before the car accident, but its evident that Savage had a heart attack before his Jeep crashed – like Randy’s brother Lanny had been saying.

— We talked a little about Tough Enough above, but conspicuously absent from Raw Monday was reigning Miss USA Rima Fakih. Seems she was in Vegas doing something beauty pageant related and couldn’t make it to the Raw show.

— As long as we’re talking about strange women, seems former WWE Diva champion Alundra Blayze – or Madusa on WCW – announced that she’s engaged to be married on Twitter. Again

— And, Rob thought I gave him nightmares last week, but HA HA HA!!! The exceptionally not hot looking Vickie Guerrero participated in a bikini photo shoot for some official website she apparently is opening. I haven’t viewed the pictures, will never want to view the pictures, and imagine the damned website will be a complete FLOP as long as those pictures are on there.

—If that didn’t make Rob sick…then former WWE Diva and TNA knockout” Chyna announced that she would “like to continue” doing porn on the heels of her recently released film “Backdoor into Chyna.” Apparently the skin flick – which allegedly shows Chyna taking it in the back door – was released this week and she said she was up for another go around. ”I would definitely like to do more,” she said to someone, somewhere, as if people aren’t absolutely repulsed by the idea. “It gives me motivation again. I want to be better and happier than ever…”

At the same time, TNA has officially dropped Chyna from the company after her recent flick was released. Apparently they warned her that she would be released if the porn was released, then when it was released, they dropped her quick. Hey, look everyone, TNA makes a good decision!!!

— I have a TNA’s newsbite I want to talk about right here, but before I do, I want to say I’m not recapping TNA this week. The reason is because it somehow got erased off my DVR. (*cough*wife*cough*). I watched about five minutes of it, but my wife – who HATES TNA – asked me to shut it off Thursday night before I went on vacation. Then, when I came back, it was gone.

Now, of course, I could read the recap at, but as I’ve said in other columns, I don’t recap recaps. I did, however, look at some of the results, which of course is yet another perfect segue into:

— The biggest news coming out of TNA was the situation with one of my all time favorites – Mick Foley. Foley was fired by Hogan in the last minute of Impact last Thursday, and apparently the firing came MAGICALLY after Mick asked for his release from his TNA contract.

Now, Mick is a strange guy and often times lets his business life trickle into the things he does in real life. When he’s upset with a company, he’ll start to say things here and there to let you know how he is feeling, and him first ripping on house show attendance at TNA recently is a perfect example of that. In addition, he said he wants more X Division stuff on TV and was ripping the overall product here and there – like saying he was unhappy with the creative direction of the show and attempting to help out in that area – showed that he was on the verge of a major move.

After his firing Thursday, Foley launched a bunch of tweets saying he was “fired,” then said he was pissed he didn’t go to The Rock’s B-day bash when he – instead – returned to TNA three weeks ago.

The company, in turn, has stating Foley is “difficult to work with…” prompting Mick to tweet he “worked hard for changes that [he] felt would benefit Impact Wrestling. I can understand how some would interpret that as difficult to work with.”

The way I see it is this – Hogan, Russo, Jarrett and Bischoff are calling the shots at TNA, and they have never – ever – been the biggest fan of the hardcore legend. Hell, they were the three who decided to rip on Mick in WCW the night Mick won the title in WWE…a move that helped push WWE to winning the Monday Night Wars.

What boggles my mind is that – these clowns – and their egos – refuse to listen to a guy who created more awesome storylines than the four of them combined. I can truly think back to the 10 best storylines in the history of wrestling, and I can clearly recall Mick Foley’s name being involved with five of them. But, aside from Bischoff creating the NWO – and maybe a couple of things from Russo on Raw – none of the crap from these four even compare to what Mick adds to a creative department. They should listen to him…but they don’t. So, I don’t blame him from wanting out.

In real life, though, Mick remains under contract at TNA until September, but he also announced before his recent contract dismissal demand that he had no intention of reupping with TNA. So, it doesn’t shock me if he’s just yanked off TV until his contract ends. In addition, his profile has been removed from the TNA website.

My hope is that Mick somehow shows up in WWE where he belongs, and finds his way into the HoF ASAP.

— To add another facet to the Foley situation is that TNA is actively looking to dump talent in the face of declining ratings and big contracts that aren’t panning out. Now, the talent and creative dickwads in charge of the company are saying they will be getting rid of the names that doesn’t “fit in” with their vision, but if you do the simple math on it, Hogan, Bischoff, and a few others will remain despite a company telling me that “wrestling matters.” So, let’s be honest. It’s ALL about the money.

The most recent drop seems to be Tommy Dreamer, who announced on Twitter that he’ll be working his final shows with the company this weekend. What’s stupid about it is that they just turned him heel and became one of the best part of the show. Apparently his contract ended in the past week or two and the company did not reup in the wave of contract drops.

So, those promoters out there who would love a little Hardcore Tommy Dreamer – and Jimmy Blaze from POWW Wrestling in the Chicago area should pay close attention to this – he can be booked for independent shows by visiting his website at That’s right, Jimmy, the SCJ wants him some Tommy Dreamer.

In addition, Suicide has also been dropped from the TNA website and its making the rounds that he is out of a contract. Now, since I haven’t really paid attention to TNA before this column, I’m not totally up to date on who he is…but I’m sure this is important to someone, so I mention it. Color me a giver.

— For those of you who care – Jeff Hardy’s attempt to stay out of jail has been continued another month. His lawyers appeared in court June 1 where the Moore County Sentencing Services told the judge that they needed another month to finish his evaluation process. It’s been continued until June 27th, and the judge was prey flamatory in stating “no more continuations.”

— Finally, Winter recently gave an interview where she said she was happy to be in TNA, she enjoys working there, she can be free as “an artist,” and she really enjoys her work with Angelina Love. AGAIN, I’m going to state that I absolutely hate this idea she has going on…hot chicks making out aside, you will never be able to make me suspend my disbelief enough to make me believe that a wrestler is hypnotized into helping another wrestler. It’s just dumb, and I don’t care how big your bra size is. And, before you call yourself an artist – it’s NOT FUCKING ART!!! It’s not acting, it’s not Michelangelo bullshit…its not sculpting. It’s not fucking art. It’s horseshit…so get over your pompous self and see what the world SHOULD be seeing. It’s stupid…and fake…and is part of the reason why I still lower my head and sometimes whisper “Yes, I watch wrestling…where one chick allegedly hypnotizes another one into being a lesbian…” Wait, that sounds better than it should have.

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