I recently have stumbled upon a show that I at first thought was cool.  It is about a gun shop in Louisiana and they restore, build and sell guns.  The owner, Will, a former Marine, knows his stuff and he proves it in the show week in and week out.  He has built some interesting stuff since I have been watching: an internal suppressed AK-47 and a shoulder mounted machine gun.


I recently saw him in two episodes go above and beyond the call of duty that really impressed me.  First he ran into a WWII vet and Medal of Honor recipient.  He was awarded the medal for his valor on Iwo Jima as a flamethrower operator.  The respect Will showed the WWII vet was great to see and then he took a decommissioned flamethrower and started to restore it.  They worked on it for the vet and it asked for nothing in return.  In their eyes, he had already paid his debt to society.  It did my heart good to see that respect and watch it on TV.

The next episode I watched really impressed me though.  A friend of the owner showed up, right when the staff was in the middle of a huge project and had to clear the schedules to get it done.  The friend was working with the Wounded Warrior project and he had with him a Marine that had lost the use of his right hand in Iraq.  He wanted Will to mount a shotgun on an ATV for the young man to go hunting.

When it came time for payment, Will wouldn’t take any money.  He gave the ATV-mounted shotgun and work to him for a 150 year loan.  The wounded Marine went out and on camera was able to shoot a hog using his only good hand.  He also had no problem driving the ATV single-handed.   I like this show, not just for the cool guns, but this show has a lot of heart.  See it Wednesdays on the Discovery channel; you can also catch it at other times when they play multiple episodes on the weekends.  If you have a few minutes, take the time to watch.

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