Sorry for the late posting of the usual Wisdom, I had tickets to the Giants game and they won which was good. Something to mention is that on the video scoreboard at one point, there was a video that included the Giants mascot holding a replica of the World Heavyweight Championship with the SF logo on the front. So now that I’ve connected the Giants to Smackdown, let’s get started:

Sin Cara: How often do you think Cara practices his jump-over-the-ropes entrance? I mean yes Smackdown is taped, but perfecting that has to be part of his daily training regimen. There has been talk about the difficulty he’s having adjusting to the WWE style and it seems like his moves are being made flashier and more incredible to make up for his shortcomings.

DiBiase: How long is it going to be before he turns on Rhodes and becomes a face? To say he needs a face turn or gimmick change is an understatement. Maybe both of them are in the SD MITB match and DiBiase costs Rhodes the briefcase? There was a good spot during the match tonight where he used a submission, in order to ground the high flying Cara, which I thought made great tactical sense.

Rhodes: Saying Hershey is a modern day Sodom? Interesting choice, but how many people in the arena actually got the reference? One of his bag boys gave a bag to Booker T and Cole turned drew on it to make a Booker Bag. Rhodes’ other point about how chocolate makes you fat and how everyone in the arena had plain vanilla expressions shows how much heat he is drawing  and how he is improving on the mic. Speaking of which…

Bryan: Daniel Bryan gets time on the mic? Shocking! In all seriousness he actually does a good job of furthering his feud with Rhodes and gets personal when bringing up Cody’s father, The American Dream, and how Dusty wasn’t the best looking guy but had charisma and heart, the exact opposite of how Cody acts now. Hopefully Bryan can build on this and start cutting better promos. He even threw in a ‘Really?’ showing he did learn something from his NXT mentor, The Miz. At one point during the match it looked like he was going to start Hulking Up, this is after he channeled AJ Styles with a Pele Kick.

Big Show: So is he on Smackdown now? Can WWE ever stop doing this kind of thing? Show’s no longer the happy-go-lucky Show we’re used to, so could this mean a future heel turn? Why are the WWE suddenly bringing back those character vignettes? Sure this one told us how dominating Mark Henry could be, but we already knew that and Henry then proceeds to tackle Show into the interview set, which proved the point of the vignette.

IC Title Match: I figured Zeke would the kind to have the belt around his waist and not over his shoulder. Before I could even type that, Barrett comes from behind and they play up the question of whether Zeke wants to start the match. Of course he’s going to fight on, so why do they even ask the question? Did Booker T just compare Barrett to Steve Regal in a WCW reference? As if on cue, Barrett hits what looked like Abyss’ Black Hole Slam on Jackson. Is this a WCW/TNA homage night?

Randy Orton: You’re a serious guy, Randy? Obvious Randy is obvious. And I’m sure you’re actually laughing on the inside when you do that pensive, emo-esque stare to the side.

Random Tag Match: So now the Usos are getting a push? Could the WWE want an actual tag team division now? They give the two a war dance entrance. They did get a decent pop when they made their way to the ring. What the WWE should be doing is giving Justin Gabriel a push. He’s more talented then the other three guys in the match combined. He’s showing more technical ability lately to go along with his high flying ability and quickness.

Christian: I actually think Christian should have been given a rematch without having to beat Kane. The leg was clearly under the rope, so it was like a false victory on Orton’s part. I know they have to keep Kane relevant somehow, but like this? I’m also confused as to whether this match is the main event or not. Why does the WWE make matches and then turn them into tag matches after the proverbial run-in? Are the writers burned out after all the special editions of RAW?