Can You Dig It, Suckaaaaaaaaa?!:  When Booker started to walk out, I immediately flashed back to the Rock-Booker segment during The Invasion where Rock says Booker’s answer to ‘what is 2 plus 2?’ would be ‘Thomas Jefferson, sucka!’ You don’t see that kind of segment that much anymore today. So he’s interviewing Mark Henry? Surprisingly, Henry gets a decent pop when he walks out.  There’s even some cheers when he starts getting in Booker’s face. Speaking of things you don’t see a lot these days, you don’t see the excellent buildup of a monster heel like you see with Henry.  I wonder if he has an actual Hall of Pain in his house, I mean if he continues on this path, he’ll need a fairly large room to house it. From what Henry says he has the heads of his victims in his Hall, so I assume he practices taxidermy?

Clash of The Titans: I suppose this is to be expected since their match on RAW never technically happened. It looked like there was a technical malfunction during Khali’s entrance, since the Tron showed a frozen image of what looked like Christian getting slammed to the mat. Maybe that’s a good thing for Khali since he takes it to Henry from the start. It’s all for naught as Henry picks up the victory. As if they would let Henry lose this close to such a big match.

Home Town Hero: As expected Bourne gets a huge pop in his hometown. Interesting that his opponent, Jack Swagger, comes out to Ziggler’s music. Granted he’s followed by Ziggler and Vickie, but it’s still an odd choice. At least Vickie continues her choice of interesting ‘ring wear’.  Since Swagger got Bourne to tap out to the Ankle Lock, does this mean Ziggler and Swagger are in the Tag Title hunt? I wouldn’t think so since Dolph is already the US champ and has unfinished business with Zack Ryder.

Which Sin Cara Is It?: This will be an ongoing  thing I’m sure that the announcers will keep mentioning. It appears that the real Cara is out to take on Heath Jobber, and what a job it was, lasting less then a minute. At least they found a way to distinguish between the two Caras, as Heel Cara showed up post-match on the Tron to take of his blue and gold mask, revealing a black and red one underneath. That should make their match at HIAC easier to follow.  Heel Cara even gets to talk! Mixing English and Spanish he cuts the usual ‘I will defeat you’ promo, but still, letting one of them speak is progress.

The Discontents: I can’t think of a better name for this group, so I’ll stick with this one. Otunga is sporting another great bow tie and I believe suspenders as well. Holding a coffee mug, he looks the consummate professional. He even uses big words like assuage. At least he’s a 1000 times more interesting now then when he was with McGillicutty. Speaking of which, where is the guy? Are they just going to ignore his seeming split with Otunga like they ignored Punk leaving the New Nexus?

Bathroom Break Time: This is a Divas match after all. Beth Phoenix is on commentary, so maybe that’ll spice things up. She rips on Booker for not even mentioning that she’s sitting right next to him doing commentary. Beth actually does a pretty good job of articulating her confidence heading into HIAC and the anti-Barbie message.  Natalya putting Kelly into a submission hold and Beth holding a mic to Kelly so the crowd can hear her screams is a very nice touch.

Rhodes v Sheamus:  Two IC title defenses in a week??? It’s almost as if the title actually means something. The staples in Rhodes’ head due to Orton’s attack last week even further add to his penchant to hide his face. I do agree with Cody when he complains that Orton has faced no reprimands. Bloodying someone to that degree deserves some sort of mention from management, and I don’t mean editing the footage to make the blood ‘disappear’. Rhodes continues to impress me on the mic with his tone, facial expressions and persona. I don’t think they would let Sheamus win the IC Title, since it’s something he needs right now as he and Christian can carry a feud without a title involved. It would be better used on Cody, who can feud with other stars to elevate its prestige. An otherwise great match is ruined when Cristian runs, causes a DQ and costs Sheamus the IC Title. I say ruined because Rhodes could have beaten Sheamus by himself.

Take Care, Spike Your Hair: Nice rip on JTG when Cole says he can’t even control NXT, then again since no watches that show they would’t know what Cole is talking about. It’s interesting to see Cole hate on both men in this match, since he’s usually singing the praises of at least one in any match. Then again since he spent so much time complaining about both guys, not much time was devoted to calling the match.

Randall v Christian XXVIII: We’ve seen this matchup more times then there are editions of Wrestlemania. Bourne got a big pop when he came out earlier tonight as a home town hero, but the crowd nuts for another native son in Randall Orton. Although this a well paced and enjoyable match, we’ve seen it many times before, so there’s nothing really new. Both of them hit their usual spots, Booker overreacts and Cole rips on Orton repeatedly. A double countout ends the match, and because this is right before a PPV, the opponents have to run out and cause mayhem. Cody Rhodes, Sheamus and Mark Henry join the fray and it ends with Orton RKOing Henry and standing tall. I really hope that isn’t the result on Sunday.