Ok so in my neverending quest to bring my own brand of insight on RAW and Smackdown, I’ve decided to add a little segment for each wrestler during the shows determining whether their stock went up or down depending on how they performed. Please let me know what you think of the new format. As a side note, in these columns, I tend not to do a straight recap of what goes on, as it’s more of what I’m thinking as I watch each segment. There is some recap, but it’s more analysis and insight.

Edge!: He gets a big ovation from the crowd, as he should, considering all he’s done and the fact that they’re in his hometown of Toronto. I bet Christian comes out at some point and I would like to see a 5 second pose, but the chances of that happening are slim. However, it’s Cody Rhodes that comes out? He plugs Edge on Haven instead of Edge himself, which was an interesting touch. His comparison of the ascendency of his career and Edge’s abrupt retirement garnered heat from the crowd as expected, but also shows the continuing excellence of Cody on the mic. The even tone of his voice, the way he walks around the ring, right down to the way he glances at Edge just scream ‘talent’. Though Edge eventually walks out and Cody starts bad mouthing the fans. He gets sucker punched by one with a bag on his head, who is revealed to be Ted DiBiase to a pretty big face reaction, who subsequently gives Cody an even bigger Dream Street.

Edge: Stock Up, he is in his hometown after all
Cody: Stock Up, great promo, being in the ring with a legend never hurts
Ted: Stock Steady, finally the long rumored face turn happens, though it remains to be seen how he handles it

The Cara Strikes Back: Since this is the second ‘Cara’ the title is appropriate. If the original Cara returns for some revenge, then we get Return of the Cara. I like how Bryan is showing added aggressiveness from the start. Cole makes a good point in how all the young talent are maneuvering for position in this new WWE, though it remains to be seen if any of them actually get pushed. Since his sucker kick 2 weeks ago, Cara has been impressing me more and more in the ring. He starts to focus on Bryan’s knee and even gets a submission on it, showing good ring psychology. Cole then praises Bryan! Next thing you know he’ll leave commentary to become his manager! Cara gets DQed for not letting up on the kicks to D-Bry, but another Cara shows up! So it appears they’re going ahead with this feud.

‘Cara’: Stock Up, continues his aggressive streak and innovation in the ring
Bryan: Stock Up, I like how he immediately took it to Cara, though it remains to be seen if he carries it to his next feud

Glamazon: Oh geez Beth has a new color scheme to her faux school girl outfit. I wonder what else can be done to totally discredit her anti-Barbie doll mission? A total squash as expected since Beth needs something to make her look strong before Sunday.

Divas: Stock Steady, nothing really stood out, yes Beth got a squash win, but her outfit continues to ruin it for me.

Non-American Tag Match: I suppose this is what this tag match could be called, since everyone is from outside of the USA. We got an Irishman, a Brit, a Canuck and a South African. Nice little promo by  Sheamus with the usual insults to the heels and a rhyming intro for Gabriel. Cole mentioned how Sheamus is from Ireland and he can understand what he says and Booker is from Houston and is unintelligible, which is so very true and hilarious at the same time. Gabriel and Barrett start out and this could be a future feud, since both men seem to have nothing going on right now.

Christian: Stock Down, as long as he’s a whiny, smarmy guy his stock will continue to plummet
Barrett: Stock Steady, didn’t really show anything new, seems directionless
Gabriel: Stock Steady, took most of the punishment, but did get win with the 450 Splash
Sheamus: Stock Up, continues his roll and seems to have a feud in the future with Christian

Khali v Slater: Ugh, this is going to be horrible and it generally was, but the only point was to further the feud between Khali and Mahal. No Stock Report needed for this segment.

Truth v Bourne: The only real good thing to come out of this was the pre-match promo from Truth and Miz, a ‘You Suck’ remix of the original ‘Whats Up’ music for Truth. It was pretty funny, though Miz did look like a lame backup singer. Cole eats it up of course since he has a huge man crush on The Miz. The match becomes irrelevant since the commentary does center stage with Miz and Kingston joining the booth. It turn into a squash match with Truth getting the win after a missed Air Bourne, making the Tag Title challengers are 2 for 2 in singles action.

AirBoom: Stock Steady, though they are 0 for 2, they still are the Tag Champs
Truly Awesome: Stock Up, they have the momentum going into Sunday

The Cutting Edge: Nice little history lesson from Edge on his being at Wrestlemania VI and how much Toronto means to him. With Randall in the ring it’s a Rated-RKO reunion and I wonder if that will be mentioned. As they did throughout the night with the video promos, Edge and Randy put over Henry’s dominance. But those two then rip on Henry for his lack of titles and desire throughout his mostly undecorated career, with Mark actually agreeing. I liked how Henry then turned that around and used it to further his quest for the WHC. Burn of the night goes to Orton for calling Henry the ‘World’s Strongest Failure’. Edge, who has done a good job of moderating the dispute, then ends the Cutting Edge and subsequently leaves. That’s good since Randy and Mark go at it and not even Teddy Long bringing out the Smackdown roster can keep Henry from Orton. An ominous ending with Henry standing over Orton holding up the WHC.

Randall: Stock Steady,the usual tough talk from Orton, did show he’s not intimidated by Henry
Henry: Stock Up, I really like how he used his career so far as a way to show his desire for the WHC