#friendlyreminder: For those of you who didn’t read my RAW column on Monday, I’ve changed all of my category/topic titles to hashtags to keep in line with WWE’s new found obsession with Twitter and social media in general. Michael Cole by himself will be probably account for 65% of all mentions of Twitter tonight.

#hallofpain: Does this mean Henry is now a member of his own Hall of Pain? Big Show did the exact same thing to Henry that Henry did to him months ago, which Show obviously points out. However, Cole still finds reason to complain about how barbaric Show was at Survivor Series. He’s the blatantly pro-heel commentator to the blatantly pro-face commentating of Mike Tenay. Did Henry just say he didn’t kick Show in his ‘private spot’ at SS? He can say stuff about halls of pain and breaking bones but he can’t say he’ll kick someone in the nuts/nads/jewels/balls/etc? Is this the WWE trying to be edgier but still adhere to PG standards or just sloppy writing? Henry talks tough to Show but earns a WMD for his trouble, though he probably should’ve seen it coming.

#americandragon: Henry definitely doesn’t see Daniel Bryan come out to cash in his MITB because he’s out cold. It takes Bryan a few tries to roll Henry onto his back. However, Bryan gets the 1, 2, 3! Cole of course is practically foaming ta the mouth, calling him a hypocrite for not waiting until Wrestlemania to cash in the briefcase. The finishing touch was standing on the announce table and holding the WHC high, right in front of Cole. Simply awesome. Party crasher Teddy Long comes out to say that since Henry was not medically cleared, the match was not official. He makes Bryan hand the title over. This also means that the MITB cash in never officially happened. Well I’m sure not alot of people were expecting D-Bry to cash in, not even for the it-never-happened result to come about. Interesting to say the least. It keeps Bryan in the title picture and a taste of the WHC, which could lead to some interesting twists down the road.

#southafricansensation: Finally Justin Gabriel gets a match on Smackdown and based on the crowd reaction to his introduction, it would appear that he’s over with the fans. WWE pay attention to that. He draws Hunico and this should be a good match. However, Cole predictably is gloating about Daniel Bryan being ‘stripped’ of the WHC. Hunico is utilizing the technical skills that have taken on a bigger part of his arsenal since taking off the Cara mask. Gabriel gets in some high flying offense including a top rope Lionsault before falling victim to a Swanton from Hunico. Hopefully they aren’t just using Gabriel as a stepping stone for Hunico.

#divastagmatch: Bleh, a Nat-Beth vs AJ-Kaitlyn tag match. The only good part was having Alicia Fox on commentary and her saying Beth has more muscles then Mason Ryan. Also Natalya getting the victory via Sharpshooter was sweet. As bad as the Divas division is, at least it hasn’t sunk to the low the Knockouts of TNA did on Impact. There was a lingerie tag match because Knockout VP Karen Jarrett claims it’s what the ‘nasty, perverted guys want’. While that’s probably true, did they really need to do it? I mean they’re already dressed skimpy as it is, they don’t need lingerie. For some of them, their lingerie actually showed less skin. The best part was the face KOs naively claiming they’re here to ‘wrestle’, when their main purpose is to be eye candy, especially Velvet. Still, Karen is an excellent heel over on Impact, leagues ahead of Vickie. Also, I’m sure the only reason Gail Kim has the Knockouts title and Knockouts tag title is so TNA can stick it to WWE.

#thegreatwoo: So it’s Sheamus and Ryder vs Ziggler and Swagger. Vickie’s guys are starting to gel as a coherent tag team, so when Ziggler eventually drops the US Title, they can move onto the penny titles. Having a tag team prove they can work together before getting a Tag Title shot leads to actual teams staying together and having a successful reign. Having a team win the tag titles in their first match together does nothing for the division, like say Crimson and Morgan. MCMG needs to get back quick. Back to WWE, they are actually giving this match the time to develop into a good one with the momentum swinging back and forth and the usual hot tags. Amid some confusion, Ryder pins Ziggler yet again for the victory. The Twitter petition, or Twittion, will continue to grow until Funkman can’t ignore the fans anymore.

#dibiaseposse: It was bad enough that he was facing Heath Slater, who I was surprised still has a job with WWE. However, Jindar Mahal shows up on Tron speaking his native language and no one can understand what he’s saying. He finally switches to English and berates Ted for turning his back on his ‘wealthy upbringing to mingle with commoners in the parking lot’. This could actually be a decent storyline, allowing Ted to show elements of his Million Dollar Past, but not just be a rehash of his father’s gimmick. The whole Ted-as-common-man angle they seem to be pushing with that promo could work and allow him to connect more with the fans and get more ‘over’. It was kind of funny when he did a Tebow in the ring after winning.

#fourwayfatally: The promo before the match by Cody Rhodes mocking Booker T was more good work from Rhodes and continued to build towards their upcoming feud. In order for this WHC #1 Contender Fatal Four Way to work, Randy Orton cannot win. It’s unlikely Henry will drop it next week, so Orton winning would do nothing as we’ve seen that feud already. Rhodes cannot win as well, because it would be heel v heel and Rhodes should focus on the IC Title. I could see Barrett winning match to continue his Barrage, but it would still be heel v heel. So the most logical choice would be Daniel Bryan. He’s still on that high from ‘winning’ the WHC and a Bryan-Henry feud seems to be one that WWE is building towards. On the other hand, I could see Barrett winning and then losing to Henry after a brutal match, at which point Bryan tries to cash in again. The match follows as most Fatal Four Ways do, with one or two wrestlers on the outside allowing for a more traditional match to occur in the ring. Still there are near falls, reversals and big spots. Bryan does a Benoit-style flying headbutt onto Barrett who was covering Rhodes at the time and reverses a Rhodes pin attempt into the LaBell Lock. Rhodes taps out almost immediately to be the #1 Contender. At least it turned out the way it should have.