‘Heated’ Open: Having Mark Henry assaulting Daniel Bryan in the back to open the show is certainly a new one. Daniel Bryan being featured at all is surprising in and of itself. Henry drags Bryan out to the ring to continue the punishment. You’d think Big Show would have run out by now to break this up, but apparently not since the refs are finally able to get Bryan away. Nice promo from Henry as he continues to showcase his anger and dominance on the mic. He doesn’t need to be one-dimensional and just beat people up, he can talk as well.

SS Preview Part Un: I suppose it would be incredibly hard for Sin Cara to jump all the way over the rope without the aid of the trampoline. Either way he faces Dolph Ziggler in a Team Orton-Team Barrett Survivor Series preview match. Ziggler will again be pulling double duty on PPV as he also defends the US Title against John Morrison. Having him in two matches in back-to-back PPVs has to be a sign that WWE is taking Ziggler seriously and could be prepping him to move up the ladder. He continues to show great skill in the ring by overcoming the fast paced arsenal of Cara. But of course it can’t end on a happy note as he gets tossed like 10 feet in the air by Mason Ryan who ran in to save Cara from Ziggler and Swagger.

SS Preview Part Deux: So it seems the reason Ryan ran out was because he had a match against Swagger? It’s actually a nice match with strength going against strength. Swagger uses his technical skills to battle Ryan’s power game. Cole does remind us about the SS match rules for like the 729th time. Meanwhile, Ryan picks up the win with his Masterlock-into-Powerslam-esque finisher.

Justin Gabriel Sighting!: Can’t remember the last time Gabriel was on Smackdown TV. Though this is just a backstage segment with Alicia Fox and Zack Ryder to ‘inform’ Big Show about Henry’s earlier attack on Bryan. It’s a shame since Gabriel is exciting to watch in the ring and if properly used could be a solid mid card wrestler who might get a few IC or US title reigns.

Captain Whiner: All that charisma seems to have gone towards whining for Christian. He comes out with his soon-to-be-signature neckbrace as well as a boot over his ankle. Blah blah whine whine and Cole tells us how big a travesty it is what has happened to Christian. We now know that, according to Christian, he is a man, a human being, has feelings and is through with the fans. Kind of sounded like a goodbye speech in a way, though I’m sure he’ll be back after the injuries heal.

NXT Showcase: Well it could be just that with Derrick Bateman in the ring set to take on Ted DiBiase. Since only 4 people actually pay attention to NXT, I have no idea who Bateman really is or what his story is all about. Then again in the cosmic order it really doesn’t matter since even WWE seems not to care about NXT. Bateman gets some offense in but ultimately falls to the power of The DiBiase Posse.

Wrath of The Show: After Big Show goes to the trainer’s room to check on Daniel Bryan, he stalks around backstage before running into Jindar Mahal and Tyson Kidd. After he WMDs Mahal, Kidd wisely walks away, stepping over Mahal in the process. But Show doesn’t keep his wrath contained backstage, coming out to the ring for another I’ll-beat-Henry promo. We even get to see the footage of Henry breaking Show’s ankle at MITB, which Show apparently carries around like a wallet or an anti rabbit’s foot or whatever.

SS Preview Part Trois: Continuing the trend Team Orton’s Kofi Kingston takes on Team Barrett’s Hunico. I’m liking Hunico the more I see him in the ring. He has the high flying skills of a Sin Cara or Kofi but with an added aggressive streak to go with some decent mat skills. If they can develop his character more, he can be a nice addition to the Smackdown roster. He completely grounds Kofi for most of the match with several submissions before Kingston gets his usual momentum going and gets the victory.

Vets vs Newbies: That’s what it is with Natalya and Beth Phoenix taking on AJ and Kaitlyn. According to Booker T, Natalya is the ‘ultimate mean girl’, whatever that means. However, unlike recent matches she is able to pick up the win via the Sharpshooter. She even bent completely backwards like she did against Melina a while back.

SS Preview Part Quatre: Not just another Captain v Captain match it’s Orton-Sheamus against Barrett-Rhodes. It probably won’t be as long a match as it deserves to be since they replayed most of the ending of RAW to go along with full entrance intros for all competitors in this match. This is probably the reason we see Orton do his ground pound RKO tease so early in the match. However, Rhodes attempts top rope maneuver to break it up, but somehow Randall is able to sense it and counter. Christian comes out to ringside in order to ‘provide inspiration’ as Cole claims. The action is pretty much back and forth with the usual assortment of hot tags and heel tag team moves. Barrett and Rhodes are in control for most of the match until Sheamus gets hot tagged in and goes to town on Rhodes. The momentum is quickly stopped dead in its tracks when Christian whacks Sheamus with his crutch to cause the DQ. The tables quickly turn on the heels as Sheamus and Orton clean house in the ring. So heading into the SS match Team Orton looks to have the edge.