Lead In: This week the lead in on SyFy was Jeepers Creepers II. I don’t have a witty use for it to describe a wrestler, but maybe I’ll come up with one as the show goes on.

Ophidiophobia: Given who just came out, I’m sure you can guess what that means. On a side note, I just noticed something about how Randall holds the mic. He grips part of it by the upper block thing with the WWE logo on it. I mention this because I haven’t really seen anyone hold it like that lately , the only one I can think of is The Undertaker. Anyways, Orton is out to talk about him captaining a SS team. I like how he brought up how the ‘groups’ he’s been a member of in the WWE have all ended badly. Wade Barrett sure doesn’t seem to have the above mentioned phobia as he struts out to the ring full of confidence. The last time he was in the opening promo of a show was during his Nexus days, or maybe with Corre? Does anyone even remember that stable? I’m really liking the possibility of this feud. They have history together and this could be what propels Barrett back into the main event where he belongs. Not to be left out, Christian shows up sporting a neck brace and whines some more, which is a sure sign Sheamus will show up next. He does and it gets out of control, before Teddy Long shows up to not only call Christian spineless but books Chrisitan-Sheamus and Orton-Barrett matches.

Christian v Sheamus XVII: Has Christian wrestled anyone besides Sheamus and Orton since the beginning of the summer? I can understand why they made the match for tonight as sort of a way to hype the SS match and I’m sure they’ll have combinations of the participants facing each other, not necessarily those that are feuding. Of course someone watching wouldn’t know that because most of the match commentary was Cole complaining on and on about how unfair it is for Christian blah blah blah. At least he makes fun of Booker and his random remarks. Otherwise it’s a pretty good match with some back and forth and a Sheamus victory via the Celtic Cross.

Pushed Down The Card: So Henry-Bryan was the main event last week and now it’s just a part of the show? At least we get to see Bryan dust off his ladies man gimmick in a backstage segment with AJ and Kaitlyn. Of course Henry shows up and you would expect some harsh words to make Bryan intimidated. Surprisingly he gets in Henry’s face and throws out a few threats. It’s good that his MITB briefcase is being used in a storyline because it hasn’t really been highlighted at all lately.

DiBiase Posse: I’m not a big fan of the name, but then again anything that makes Cole go crazy has to be good, right? He squashes Jindar Mahal in a matter of minutes with Dreamstreet, but the only reaction from the commentators is an ‘Oh!’ from Josh Mathews. Great job guys. I think DiBiase can be a good midcard face as he definitely has some charisma, it’s just a matter of the angles he’s given.

Battle of the Beards: So here we have David v Goliath the rematch, so half the match will be Cole complaining about how big of a hypocrite D-Bry is for trying to cash in next week, how much of a nerd he is etc. Bryan’s beard rivals Henry and I wonder what it’ll look like at Wrestlemania, since he’s vowed to not shave it until then. Of course no beard can rival the epicness that is the one that belongs to Brian Wilson. Bryan gets the LaBell Lock cinched in but Henry basically picks himself up with Bryan still semi locked in and tosses him off. He makes the mistake of egging Henry on and eats a WSS as a result. Very different ending from last week. Afterwards, Henry goes outside for a chair but Bryan counters with a kick to bring him to his knees. Bryan then slams the chair across Henry’s back, which in retrospect was not a good idea since Mark gets the crazy, bugged out look in his eyes and dishes out some more punishment.

Big Trouble: At least that’s what’s up for the 3 random dudes who are teaming together to face Show. They get him to his knees early, but of course he powers back and cleans house, even hitting a Double Chokeslam on two of the dudes and WMDing the third.

Diva Action Time!: Or so the commentators proclaim. So it’s Tamina with Rosa against Alicia with Aksana and Natalya is on commentary. At least she’s being featured since she’s been playing second fiddle to Beth Phoenix lately, losing to the opponents that Beth ends up defeating. She’s pretty decent on the mic and we all know she can out wrestle any other Diva on the roster. They have to be building up to a break in the DoD and a Beth-Natalya feud. At least until Kharma returns. Her telling Josh to shut up has to be the line of the night.

Los Aviadores: Well that was the name of Epico and Hunico’s tag team down in FCW and it appears they’re reuniting on the main roster. They come accompanied by Primo and my first thought is that this is some sort of new heel stable. Epico and Hunico could be a great edition to the tag team division and a solid heel tag team. They haven’t been thrown together, but have had time down in FCW to gel as a team. I like how they both wrestle in street clothes as it’s a change from the normal ring gear of others. Hunico hits Swanton for the win against the Usos after Los Aviadores put on a decent tag match showing good chemistry. They further cement their heel status by attacking both Usos after the match.

Survivor Series Main Event: Well obviously not the one from the upcoming one. This was the main event from last year’s Survivor Series during the Cena-Nexus mega angle. While this has none of the drama, it still should be a solid match. It won’t be pretty, but it will be, as JR would say, a ‘slobberknocker’. At least we got some action on the outside, but all it serves to do is allow Barrett to use the ring steps to injure Orton’s knee. This of course sets up the inevitable Cena-like comeback. Orton come back with his 5 Moves of Doom, but Barrett foils the RKO and a jab to the eye and a roll up are enough for him to pick up the win. Illegal or not, the jab gets Barrett a victory over the face of Smackdown.