#kingforaday: So now it’s Johnny Ace’s turn to run the opposite show and I wonder if he’ll have a bigger presence then Long did on RAW. Aside from Teddy’s appearance during the US Title match, there was no other memorable segment that stood out. At least there was a tag match, so it did feel like a show run by Teddy. Ace gets an extended intro to open the show from David Otunga’s Travel Mug that doesn’t generate as much heat as you’d think it would.

#brandextension: When the RAW Supershow concept was first started when HHH became COO, many thought it signaled the end of the Brand Extension that began all the way back in 2002. However, there was still some separation as RAW wrestlers rarely went over to Smackdown and brand-specific titles stayed on their own brands. The latter barrier between the shows disappeared as Smackdown opened with Laurinaitis announcing that Swagger will get his US Title rematch inside a steel cage tonight. A steel cage stipulation for a US Title match? I would normally be excited, but everyone knows the title itself is largely irrelevant during this match. It’s just part of the GM angle and has as much prestige right now as one of Travel Mug’s bowties. Well the match itself is nothing really special as Santino won by escaping the cage after Vickie accidentally closed it on Swagger. Only good part was Ziggler trying to climb in the cage at one point and getting The Cobra for his troubles and how could we forget Swagger’s new hair style?

#horriblebooking: Really? Really? WWE is actually giving this match time? Long is backstage begging Ace to call off the Kane-Aksana match. Of course Ace says no but makes a match between himself and Long for later. If Long wins, the aforementioned match is off. This will be as horrible as it sounds.

#noconsequences: Just as we all thought, Drew McIntyre’s ‘firing’, like all firings in the WWE, turns out to be absolutely meaningless. Ace has given him the chance to win his job back by winning his next match. Khali comes out and we’re all made to believe he’s the opponent. In true heel fashion, Travel Mug comes out and says McIntyre’s real opponent is Hornswoggle. Match of The Year candidate (/sarcasm). Drew wins in short order after several slams on Swoggle and the ref saying he can’t continue. Kahli who had been lurking at ringside came in to carry out Hornswoggle after a big chop on the Sinister Scotsman.

#plummeting: It’s really fascinating how far Mark Henry has fallen since he lost the WHC. He was so utterly dominant, plowing his way through guys like Randy Orton and Big Show and now all he’s doing is squashing guys like Ezekiel Jackson in a matter of minutes. It just shows the lack of foresight Creative has when they plan their angles. True Henry got injured, but a coherent angle could’ve been put together in the aftermath.

#morehorribleness: So the ‘main event’ of the evening is here and we have GM taking on GM with Mr Excitement battling Mr Tag Team Match. Laurinaitus came out in a black track suit and black spandez wreslting tights. He truly is comedic gold and it goes without saying he should be the GM of both shows. Anyways, he has Travel Mug in his corner and Teddy has Aksana. The match starts…with Ace ordering Teddy to lie down for the pin. The Big Red Pyro of the Big Red Machine hits and Kane saunters down to the ring. Since he’s here, Orton has to run in and start a beatdown that ends with an RKO on the outside. In the middle of all this, Long gets a surprise rollup on Laurinaitis, saving us from the travesty that would’ve been Kane-Aksana, not that this ‘matchup’ wasn’t a travesty in and of itself. At least we got to hear Cole go ballistic over his boy Ace getting pinned.

#morepriorities: So the team of Kofi Kingston and R-Truth face the tag champs without the belts on the line and pick up the victory. I’m starting to like this new team and think they have promise, though they could use a name. However, this is the tag division we’re talking about, the same division that Creative has no idea what to do with and doesn’t look like they’ll get one anytime soon. With all the focus on Mania, hopefully afterwards they can come up with something to get the division back to relevance.

#colemined: So we have everyone’s least favorite commentator, Michael Cole, in the ring to do a promo segment with Bryan and his Mania opponent Sheamus. Bryan is getting bigger and bigger reactions, so the crowd must be buying into his character, whether they like it or hate it. Sheamus got to talk first and was solid on the mic, but the highlight of this was AJ grabbing the mic only to have Bryan yell at her and tell her to shut up. While some of these in ring promos are hit or miss, this one did a good job of hyping the WHC match at Wrestlemania.

#topthatteddy: So when Teddy is in charge of RAW, he makes a tag team match to no one’s surprise. Not to be outdone, for the main event of his night in control to The Blue Brand, Ace makes his own tag match. However this one is a SIX man tag match of Orton-Show-Sheamus vs Bryan-Rhodes-Miz. It’s the typical way to get as many guys on screen at once, but in this instance is an appropriately petty response by Laurinaitis as he tries to one-up Long. The match itself was nothing special as Cody and Show brawled out of the ring, which was followed by Sheamus and Bryan taking their fight into the crowd and culminating in Miz continuing to get buried by taking an RKO for the loss. Trying to gain some revenge, Kane attacked Orton after the match and their brawl went all around the arena before finally coming back to the ring, where Orton reversed a Chokeslam attempt into an RKO. You can add that match to the Mania card for sure.