#biggestshow: So they showed the replay of The Incident, aka, Show ‘accidentally’ running into AJ from two weeks ago, to open the show. The more I watch it, the more convinced I become that it wasn’t really sold all that well. Sure AJ should have been dazed after being run into by Big Show, but the way she sold it didn’t really seem like it was a big enough hit to knock her out. Maybe I’m just reading too much into it. Instead of Daniel Bryan ripping on Show like last week, it’s Show himself out, who apologizes for what he did. Interestingly, he also says that he apologized to AJ herself and she forgave him immediately. Wonder how that’ll factor into Bryan’s developing psychosis. We get a little insight into Show as he claims the whole thing was nothing new, that even growing up, he didn’t know his own strength. Sure it’s a little cheesy, but it gives depth to his character, more then we see from others on the roster. Speaking of the American Dragon, he shows up and starts to rag on Show’s sobfest. He claims that when Show apologized to AJ, she was heavily medicated and doesn’t even remember Show visiting. That line in particular stood out to me because it seems like something a heel would say and it makes you doubt if his claim is actually true. Show’s facial expressions throughout this are high quality and you believe he’s feeling these emotions, but a slap from Bryan brings back Angry Show with some harsh words for his former friend. Henry is out to do more hyping for the WHC match Sunday, but does say he doesn’t care about Bryan’s ‘Napolean complex’ which given Bryan’s new character, is a good description.

#rhodeslegacy: I’m pretty sure they didn’t bring Goldust back just for a token appearance and that his disagreements with his brother Cody will culminate in a match at Wrestlemania. Title vs Career sounds good to me since it would give Goldust one final run before he calls it quits. Plus it would mean The American Dream back on TV. But right now he has a non-title rematch against Justin Gabriel. Of course the match itself, filled with good moves, is insignificant to Cole since he gets to rant about how awesome Cody, listing Cody’s previous Rumble times. After Gabriel misses a top rope Lionsault, Cody hits the springboard kick and Cross Rhodes for the win. I would’ve liked Gabriel to win so it could develop into an actual feud and not just a stepping stone for Rhodes. Gabriel has the talent to be a good mid-carder, he just needs the right push.

#5strikes: So The Sinister Scotsman gets yet another chance to prove himself and gets a true test in Sheamus. If Drew does actually win, then that’s more legit then beating someone like Santino. Did Cole just compare McIntyre to Alex Smith of the Niners? How does that analogy work? Unlike Smith, McIntyre actually had some success early in his career, winning the Intercontinental Title. Whatever offense Drew can get in only seems to anger Sheamus even more who hits the Brogue Kick out of nowhere for the victory. Now will Drew be fired? Or will Teddy Long give him yet another chance?

#newtagteam: When I said last week that the tag division needed a face team to challenge Epico & Primo, I meant a legit team, not the comedy duo of Santino and Yoshi Tatsu. Could Creative not come up with a better idea? Why is Tatsu suddenly back on Smackdown? On a side note, Cole’s rant can be amusing in some instances. For example, he says that Santino speaks Italian, Yoshi speaks Japanese, Rosa speaks Spanish and Booker can’t even speak English. Which is sorta true since half the time you can’t understand what Booker is saying. E&P get the win and so much for the new tag team of Santoshi, or Yoshitino, whichever you prefer.

#returnoftheviper: So we have yet another match in the Barrett-Orton rivalry scheduled and I’m that excited for it. We’ve already seen good matches from these two and this feud shouldn’t jump the shark like the Orton-Christian one did. If WWE ever needs someone to lay out the meaning and gravity of a match or situation to the crowd, they need only turn to Wade Barrett. His pre-match promo perfectly sets up the animosity between the two men so when The Viper does come out, the crowd pops bigger then they would’ve without the hype promo. The match itself never even happens as Orton goes berserk on Barrett and not even the refs or other wrestlers that Long calls to the ring can stop the brawl. Barrett eventually retreats as Orton RKOs everyone in the ring. As cool as that was, did the whole return accomplish anything? The brawl idea is a little played out and we didn’t really learn anything from the whole exchange.

#posseparty: So to continue Cole’s impressive string of real world analogies, he pulls a ‘Gingrich’ as he claims and says DiBiase should release his income tax records to show he really is a man of the people. What? That was even more ridiculous then the McIntyre Smith one from earlier. Booker’s response of ‘What the hell you talking about Cole?’ pretty much sums up everyone else’s response to that nugget of wisdom from the head Cole Miner. By the time that whole exchange ends, DiBiase’s match against Hunico is practically over already. So much for developing new talent.

#funkasaurus: So I wonder when we’ll actually see something besides dancing from Brodus Clay. I mean sooner or later he has to do something different or else people will get tired of him. Since he was facing Alex Riley, someone has actually been in legit angles, I had high hopes. How foolish I was, since it’s some more dancing and jiggling and a 30 second match. How far has Riley fallen in the last few months?

#bottomofthebarrel: I really have no words to describe the Divas match that took place. It’s just…mind boggling. Natalya faces Aksana of all people, and gets pinned a matter of seconds into the match via a surprise rollup. I’ve officially lost all faith in the WWE to revive the women’s division. To have one of your most talented female wrestlers lose in such a humiliating fashion to someone who’s known for not much of anything is a disgrace. It defies explanation and I cannot even begin to try to understand Creative’s thinking.

#twintowers: So in a backstage segment earlier, Bryan approached Henry and told him he should injure Show in their match. Also, he has Kaitlyn go tell Show that Henry plans to injure him in their match. This is noteworthy because it’s not something the old Bryan would do, yet more evidence of the slow heel turn, as if there wasn’t enough already. He does comes out before the match starts and celebrates like he just won the match. He plants himself in a chair right in front of the announce table, where I’m sure he can hear Cole endlessly ragging on him. The match doesn’t even really get going before Henry rolls out of the ring in pain and then it cuts to commercial. In yet another questionable decision, we come back after Show already KOed Henry for the win. I mean, really? Was getting to the post-match scuffle between Show and Bryan that much more important? It’s the usual send off brawl right before a PPV that has one wrestler standing tall. The only twist is that once Bryan has Show in the LaBell Lock, Show is able to roll out of it and nail a huge Chokeslam. Other then that, a confusing end to a confusing edition of Smackdown.