It’s official. There was a press conference today in Jolly ‘Ol England where it was official announced the new 007chapter WILL indeed be called ‘Skyfall”. Among the people  who attended the press conference were 007 himself Daniel Craig, Helmer Sam Mendes, Dame Judi Dench, and a couple of producers. Not only did they have a Goldfinger of an announcement for the new title, but they let the internet rumorists live to die another day by confirming a few of the casting rumors that ave been floating around for a while.

Along with Daniel Craig as Goldeneye 007 and Dench as M, Berenice Marlohe as a character named Severin (awesome name) and Naomie Harris as a field agent named ‘Eve’. Naomi said that training for the part consisted of yoga, stunt driving, and firing machine guns.  She was rumored for months as being Miss Money Penny, so either the rumor is way off or this is their reinvention of the character.

Other actors confirmed were Javier Bardem as the villain, though no details about the character were divulged, Raph Fiennes, Albert Finney, and Ben Whishaw. No information were given about those characters. When asked if the reason there is no info being given is because we might recognize the characters, Mendez gave a “Maybe, maybe not” response.

Mendes went on to say that the tone is “classic elements of a Bond film and lots of action”, those worried by the reports that he’s cutting back on the thrills in favour of a more awards movie tone – “action needs to co-exist with the drama… a Bond movie is for the audience, and only for the audience”.

A little but of a synopsis was then revealed. Mendez said it is a stand alone movie so the “Quantum” Organization won’t be involved in the story. He than said that the title has an emtiona context to it, which will become clear when seen.

EON released a further Synopsis for the film. “Bond’s loyalty to M is tested as her past comes back to haunt her. As MI6 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost.” Filming begins today and  it has been given a License to Kill the Box office around this time next year.

I personally am super excited and based on the cast, I think it may be the best James Bond movie in 20 years. I still think Ralph Fiennes is Q, but it’s just speculation so don’t take my word for it. In any case, I’m glad I caught this video so I could find out all this info. Time to go and rewatch all the old ones again to get stoked up for it.

if you want to see the press conference for yourself, yo u can find it here.

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