Welcome to Skip or Stay. If you’re wondering if WWE’s latest Pay Per View, Hell in a Cell, is worth tracking down to buy the Pay Per View replay, to view for free on YouTube, or to buy or rent it on DVD, read on so you know whether to skip through part of it or stay watching.

Disclaimer: I skip nearly all hype videos, whether it’s a recap of a PPV, RAW, Smackdown, NXT, a big feud, or profiles of individual wrestlers. If I’ve seen it once, usually I don’t need to see it again.

And now for WWE Hell in a Cell 2010:

WWE Hell in a Cell 2010

WWE Hell in a Cell 2010

United States Title Match: Daniel Bryan © vs. John Morrison vs. The Miz; Submissions Count Anywhere
– The Miz makes his way to the ring putting himself over, saying he mentored BOTH of them, that he has IT, and that he NEVER tapped out. The Miz spends the early part of the match running away. After seeing Morrison employ the Haas of Pain and DanBry break out Cattle Mutilation, it doesn’t take long for the action to spill to the outside. They fight through the crowd where The Miz uses the handrail to add extra pain to a Dragon Sleeper. Eventually they work their way to the stage area where Miz rolls one of those giant carts and DanBry, and drills Morrison with the Skull Crushing Finale. Miz and DanBry take each other out on the stage, allowing Morrison to scale the set. He leaps onto both of them in what I considered a really contrived, underwhelming spot that added nothing to a submission match. Morrison applies a Texas Cloverleaf to the Miz, but Alex Riley runs out from the back and drills Morrison from behind. Daniel Bryan throws Riley into a camera man, then gets the LeBell Lock on Miz right there on the ramp. The Miz taps out, and finally Michael Cole gives Daniel Bryan some credit.
– Verdict: Stay

WWE Title Match: Randy Orton © vs. Sheamus; Hell in a Cell Match

– I have to preference this match saying I’m not really a fan of Sheamus. Sheamus being involved anywhere makes me want to say Skip. Most of this match was suited to Sheamus’ brawling style, with a lot of face-to-cage smashing, steel steps, and chairs. There are a couple of cool slam spots onto the steel steps here, and the finish is an RKO to Sheamus on top of the steel steps which are in the middle of the ring. Orton celebrates his victory by climbing to the top of the Hell in a Cell with the WWE title belt. This match was fairly long, but I guess there were enough spots to make up for it.
– Verdict: Stay

Segment: NXT 3 Meets Nexus
– Josh Matthews is about to interview the ladies of NXT Season 3, but the Nexus spoils the party. Heath Slater essentially asks the ladies to join in a Nexus orgy… Not really. But Wade says Cena will join the Nexus tomorrow, and they’ve got an armband waiting for him.
– Verdict: Skip

Segment: Alberto Del Time Waster
– Alberto Del Rio is out to make his PPV debut. He puts over how he injured Rey and erased Christian out of the WWE. Edge comes out and tells Del Rio he hates stupid things, and so much about Del Rio is stupid, including his personal ring announcer. Edge rips the ring announcer’s sleeve, and Del Rio prepares to brawl, but Jack Swagger interrupts. He doesn’t understand why a Canadian and a Mexican are wasting our time and why he’s not even booked on the card. He yells at Edge for injuring the Swagger Soaring Eagle mascot on Smackdown. Edge attacks Swagger, Del Rio attacks Edge, and Swagger gets back into it, allowing Del Rio to bail. The RAW GM interrupts on a new computer, and Michael Cole tells us Edge will apologize to the GM on RAW tomorrow. But tonight, it’ll be Edge vs. Swagger right now.
– Verdict: Skip

Match: Edge vs. Jack Swagger
– Edge sold the pre-match beat down pretty heavily. He almost looked like he was going to fall asleep at times. Something about this match just didn’t click style wise and crowd-alliance wise, since Edge is now back to being a Tweener or something. The finish sees Edge spear Swagger for the win, and that’s all you really need to know. Edge earns a PPV pay day and Swagger continues to be horribly mishandled ever since he cashed in Money in the Bank.
– Verdict: Skip

Segment: More Strategery
– The Nexus sans Wade are gathered together. David Otunga says he’s got a plan and to trust him.
– Verdict: Skip

Match: John Cena vs. Wade Barrett; If Cena wins, Nexus must disband; If Barrett wins, Cena must join Nexus; If Nexus interferes, Cena wins
– This was actually a really solid match through and through. Cena and Wade had some crisp wrestling, and Wade really showed his range executing a number of great grappling moves of his own. The Nexus come down, and Wade tells them that they should be in the back. Wade gets into some trouble in the ring, so the Nexus surround the ring. But before they can blow the match, the Big Show, followed by the lock room, storm down to the ringside area and vanquish the Nexus into the crowd. I was praying for Wade to roll up Cena for the win right then and there for the shock value of the WWE locker room looking on while he did it. Alas he didn’t, and the match continued for quite a while after, with more really solid wrestling. The finish sees Wade counter the Attitude Adjustment into the Wasteland, but Cena kicks out. Cena then surprises Wade with an Attitude Adjustment, but Wade kicks out! It’s amazing that Wade got to kick out of the AA. Cena eventually slaps on the STF near the ropes, but then someone who resembles Michael McGillicutty runs in from the crowd. The referee retrains this “fan” and Cena releases the hold. While Cena is staring at the distraction, another “fan” resembling Husky Harris drills Cena in the head with something that knocks him out. Wade covers Cena for the win. It looks like Cena will have to join the Nexus on RAW unless he gets out of it on a technicality. The Nexus raise Wade on their shoulders in celebration. The cuts to the crowd and the crowd’s reaction to Cena’s loss were priceless. Really great camera work there. I wish Nexus had a t-shirt to drape over Cena’s body to cap it off.
– Verdict: Stay!

Segment: Urntastic
– Josh Matthews is searching for Undertaker in a purple hallway (ridiculous lighting job – I can’t stand when WWE does that). Instead he gets Paul Bearer who says he waited 6 long years with his own master plan, and Kane will never be the father of destruction’s favorite son
– Verdict: Skip

Divas Title Match: Michelle McCool © vs. Natalya
– Standard Diva’s match. It’s about three times longer than a typical TV Diva’s match. Nothing offensive here, but nothing great either. The finish sees Natalya lock in the Sharpshooter, so Layla throws her shoe at Natalya for a disqualification. Looks like Natalya’s chase isn’t over, unless they move on to a new challenger for LayCool already.
– Verdict: Skip

World Heavyweight Title Match: Kane © vs. The Undertaker with Paul Bearer; Hell in a Cell Match
– Kane attacks while Undertaker is making his entrance, and this match gets underway fast. If you’ve seen Kane and Undertaker lately, this is a lot of brawling, including the crowd doing Boo-Yay as they exchanged strikes. We see chokeslams exchanged, double no-sell sit ups, a Last Ride, and Kane finally hits the Tombstone after reversing Undertaker’s Tombstone attempt, but… Undertaker kicks out! This is where the real story of the match begins. Kane knocks out the referee, so they have to open the Cell to get him out and get a new one in. Paul Bearer sneaks in, and Kane chases him around the Cell and into the ring. Kane corners Paul Bearer in the ring, but Undertaker sits up, and Kane walks right into a chokeslam. For some reason we get the Undertaker special effects and lighting throughout the arena, then a flash from the urn. Paul Bearer then gives the urn to Kane, and Kane decks the Undertaker with it. A chokeslam seals the deal for Kane to retain the title. Not only did Paul Bearer betray Undertaker, but Paul Bearer stole his powers! Programming for SyFy at its finest! Will whoever controls the urn control Undertaker? We’ll have to see. I’m literally shocked that WWE didn’t give the title to Undertaker as a way to anchor Smackdown, but Kane has been doing a superb job as champion. I guess we’ll see via the Smackdown ratings whether or not there is “money” in the chase!
– Verdict: Stay

Overall Verdict: Stay. I wouldn’t recommend buying a replay of the Pay Per View at $50 or whatever WWE charges these days, but I’d definitely look for a replay on a stream site, on YouTube, or failing that, rent it on DVD when it comes out, or buy the DVD at a discount.

Let me know your verdict for this PPV in the comments. Thanks!