If you had watched Game 2 of San Jose vs Vancouver, you would come to the same conclusion. Not to mention the fact that being down 0-2 never bodes well, especially the way the Sharkies have been playing.

In the interests of full disclosure, I am a life long Sharks fan, born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, just up the Peninsula from San Jose. So needless to say, even though I’m about to say it anyways, the Sharks are my favorite sports team, even above the Giants.

So after seeing the Sharks give up a win in Game 1, I was hoping the Men In Teal would bounce back. Like they did in Game 1, they jumped out in front scoring first. However, that would not last, and as the game went on, it became apparent that they were the inferior teams. At the end, there was no question. Looking at the score, you might think you’re looking an NFL game dominated by defense.

So what happened to the Sharks? Several things. It mostly centers on defense. As the regular season winded down, it became obvious the team was thin on defense. The trade to get Ian White has helped, but Jason Demers is no Nick Lidstrom, let alone Dan Boyle. One of the things that aggravates me about their defense is that when they’re in their own zone, they seem to have a maddening inability to clear the puck. I don’t know if it’s not making the right shot to bank it off the boards and out, but it allowed the Canucks to keep the pressure on and nothing good can come of that. In relation to defense, when they had the lead at the start of the 3rd in Game 1, they seemingly let off the throttle and focused on defense. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but playing against a team the caliber of the Canucks, they must keep up the offensive pressure.

So what do they need to do in Game 3? One of the keys has to be to offense. I know I just got done ranting about their defensive lapses, and they do need to play sound defense, but the Sharks’ trademark is their offense. You could see it when they played the Kings and the Red Wings, when the Sharks pour on the shots, more often then not goals get in the opposing net and that is the where they are at their best.

Ok so I have to get to this, but during Game 2 when things were going downhill for the Sharks, one of the players got into a fight with a Canuck. Not surprising as that could have picked up their spirits, however it was Patrick Marleau. PATRICK MARLEAU. The non-Sharks fan might not understand, but having followed Patty all his career this is a big thing for me. For a guy who looks like he’s perpetually about to cry, this was big. He has been criticized for his disappearances from the scoring sheet this postseason (see Roenick, Jeremy), so hopefully this gets him going.