In one of the most bizzare things I’ve seen all week, three-time world champion surfer Mick Fanning fought off a shark during the J-Bay Open competition. Just before his turn began, a shark emerged from the water, thrashing in attack. The Australian flailed his legs, spinning himself around, and as the attack continued, Fanning was knocked off his surfboard. As a wave emerged, it was tough to see whether he would survive.

Luckily a rescue team arrived and Fanning was unharmed in the attack… a happening so rare that it almost seemed like it could’ve been a fictional scene from a campy television show from the 1960s.

I only make light of the situation because Mick Fanning survived. How incredible a situation to have occur, and how lucky Mick was to escape unharmed. In fact, his surfboard appeared unscathed as well.