Terrell Owens is one of the most gifted athletes currently in the NFL, and to pair with his God given talents, he’s also reportedly unrelenting in his pursuit of keeping his body in tip-top shape. That being said, analysts are doubious of Terrell Owens’ plan to returning to the NFL from an ACL injury by late August / early September.

This morning, Terrell Owens’ agent Drew Rosenhaus was interviewed on ESPN’s SportsCenter about his client, but he provided very little information. Apparently the injury happened in early April, but all we know about what Terrell Owens was doing when it occurred is that it had nothing to do with a television show he took part in. When asked for details, Rosenhaus stammered and indicated that he and Owens hadn’t talked about how they wanted to disclose the information, but said they would have the conversation and that details would likely be announced at some point.

Some are speculating that the details surrounding the injury could cause some teams to be wary of signing Terrell Owens. Were it not a workout-related situation, there could be cause to question his durability.

Can he come back from the injury at 37 years of age? He was highly productive last year, catching more passes in 14 games than he had since 2007 and hauling in 9 touchdown passes, so his current skills aren’t in question. In December of 2004, Terrell Owens suffered a severely sprained ankle and was able to rehab and condition himself enough to make a return for the Super Bowl in February of 2005. He was the most productive receiver for the Eagles in that game, catching 9 passes for 122 yards.

The only question on my mind is what Terrell Owens was doing when he injured himself that would make him not want to be forth-coming in announcing it to the media. Might he have been practicing for a potential stint on Dancing With The Stars like Bengals teammate Chad Ochocinco? Was he attempting something particularly tricky during an intimate moment? Could he have been doing something of questionable judgment or that might negatively impact his public persona? Until it’s announced, we can only speculate.

One thing is clear to me: whomever has the services of Terrell Owens for the 2011 season might not get 16 full games out of him, but the games in which he does participate he can be expected to be highly productive.