One of my first big interviews for GuysNation was with a lovely Pornstar by the name of Sara Jay. That interview has granted me a lot of readers and a cult following. At the time the topic of the interview was the accident and recovery of her friend, Kimora Klein. I always told myself that down the line I would try to hook back up with her and actually interview her about her life. Thankfully, I was able to do that and here we are. Once again, Sara has agreed to step in the hot seat and answer a few questions.

But, before we get into that. Just in case you may not know who Sara Jay is (what rock have you been living under?), allow me to introduce you to one of adult films most recognizable PAWGs.


With stats that read at 36E-25-41 on a 5’4″, 145lbs frame, Sara Jay is known as one of the most gorgeous and curvaceous porn starlets in the adult industry. Since her start in the industry in 2001 she has starred in over 100 adult films. Known for her massive boobs and horny expressions, she has carved out her notch in the adult films. She is an attention grabber.

Mr. Incredible: You have been in the game since 2001, did you ever think you would be in the business for that long?

Sara Jay: Yes, I only do things 100%.

Mr. Incredible: With the recent incident with Mr. Marcus just happening as well as outbreaks that have happened in the past, do you think stricter rules should be enforce when it comes to testing?

Sara Jay: Yes, testing for more STDs and more frequently coupled with optional condom use.

Mr. Incredible: What do you think a out the love affair that Hip Hop has with adult entertainment?

Sara Jay: It’s beautiful…. Very complimentary

Mr. Incredible: Do you ever think about life outside of the porn industry?

Sara Jay: Not sure I understand the question… My life outside porn? Or without it? Or others lives outside it? Regardless the answer is yes. Lol

Mr. Incredible: What are your views on the rumors that some white porn stars don’t do IR (inter-racial) because they feel it could hurt their career?

Sara Jay: That’s not a rumor. That’s a fact. Plenty of stars don’t do IR for that reason. Its debatable… But as you can see from my career, it’s bullshit.

Mr. Incredible: With all the different type of porn out, what is the one thing that you wouldn’t do?

Sara Jay: One? There are several…. scat, bestiality, child pornography, anal, and probably several other acts.

Mr. Incredible: If you can do it, what has been your favorite scene or stars to work with?


Sara Jay: Hard to pick one after 13 + years. I love working with Ava Devine and Lexington Steele.

Mr. Incredible: Are there stars that you try to avoid working with?

Sara Jay: Yes, I have a 3 person “no list”

Mr. Incredible: With Ron Jeremy, Sasha Grey and a bunch of others parlaying themselves into mainstream acting, do you see yourself doing the same?

Sara Jay: No, not really. I’m not an actress. I’m a Pornstar. If I was to do more mainstream I would prefer to play myself.

Sara Jay and her friend Angelina Castro made a deal with their Twitter followers that if the Heat won  the 2012 NBA Championship, they would get blow jobs.

tumblr_m616xunUB41qlsl97o1_400Mr. Incredible: What made you and Angelina Castro come up with the whole “blow job if the Heat win” thing?

Sara Jay: Love of Miami.

Mr. Incredible: Where you surprise at the coverage that if got?

Sara Jay: Yes…so many interviews and tons and tons of media coverage.

Mr. Incredible: Will we ever see you in solely directing and producing role?

Sara Jay: Eventually.

Mr. Incredible: Who are the stars that you like to watch?

Sara Jay: I don’t watch porn.

Mr. Incredible: Are there any misconceptions about you that you would like to clear up?

Sara Jay: I’m not rich. I’m educated. I didn’t have anything tragic happen in my life that made me choose my path. I’m a normal woman who eats, drinks, & sleeps… I just have a high sex drive so I’ve made a business out of it.

Mr. Incredible: What advise would you give to someone trying to get into the business?

Sara Jay: Don’t bother unless you plan on doing it your entire life. Once a Pornstar, always a Pornstar.

Thank you once again, Sara Jay for taking time out to answer a few questions. If readers and fans would like some more info on Sara Jay, check her out on:

Twitter – @SaraJayXXX

Her website:

Youtube:  Sara Jay


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