Even though it defies logic, Las Vegas came up with their scripted odds on who’s going to win the scripted WWE Royal Rumble. They run the risk of insiders ruining the fun for those of us not “in the know”, but if they’re willing to take those chances, that’s on them. Just for the fun of it, and with no way to actually let people take some of the action, here are the WWE Superstar odds of winning the 2016 Royal Rumble.

Heath Slater – 500:1

I really like what WWE is doing right now with Heath Slater, and his whole #SocialOutcasts stable for that matter. But at this point, the group is just establishing itself and Slater hasn’t been in a position where he’s treated like a legit threat to winning gold at all. If Vegas gave you these odds, you’d be throwing your money away.

Tyler Breeze – 300:1

The best thing I can say for Tyler is that he’ll almost certainly be in the Royal Rumble this year, but his fans will be disappointed when they realize he’s just fodder. I wouldn’t even be surprised if he’s used to boost the statistics of someone who doesn’t win the Rumble nor sets a record. I could certainly see him feuding with The Big Show over the next few months, and they could have the two lock up during The Rumble to put that on its path.

Austin Aries – 200:1

The WWE just announced the arrival of Austin Aries, who showed up at a recent NXT live event, and while he would make a big splash by winning The Royal Rumble, I don’t think he’ll even be a participant. Out of all of the recent signings, Austin Aries is the least ready to join the main roster, so you can almost be sure that he’s going to be on NXT exclusively for the next few months at least. And yet, unlike Breeze and Heath Slater, if Austin Aries is in the Royal Rumble, there’s a very slim chance that WWE might want to be doing something drastic to help ratings. He’s got the mic skills and wrestling ability to take the place of Seth Rollins as the poster boy for The Authority, if only for a few months.

Finn Balor – 100:1

He has made quite the name for himself in NXT, and while it makes sense for him to stay there a bit longer, he’s certainly a guy who the WWE Universe is probably aware of, and that the WWE could easily promote because of the NXT-related footage they could show. And yet, it’s still a longshot that he’s even in The Rumble match, so don’t expect to even see him Sunday night.

Titus O’Neil – 50:1

He has been going the singles route lately, has mic skills, physicality and a decent moveset. Given all the talk about how the Academy Awards haven’t nominated an African-American actor or actress the past two years, the WWE could be cashing in on the fact that they haven’t had an African-American World Champion (arguably ever). I’m not saying that Titus O’Neil doesn’t deserve it, but it would be coming out of left field, as he hasn’t really had any mic time lately.


Samoa Joe – 40:1

Other wrestling companies have given Samoa Joe the ball and let him run with it, and to great result. Joe was making a name for himself in the business the same time that CM Punk and Daniel Bryan were coming up, and he could be the destructive force that The Authority needs as their poster boy. I don’t think Triple H sees Samoa Joe as being the guy he wants representing WWE, so I don’t expect him to make this selection. Especially not with a couple other options which are presenting themselves with recent signings.

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