The trailer is out for the 2014 RoboCop reboot, and the question remains: Did they Dredd?

RoboCop was a good action flick from 1987. Not a great one, but a really good one. It spawned two sequels in the 6 years which followed and a live-action television series. With reboots / remakes, things can sometimes get a little scary, especially when a franchise was all but tapped out 20 years ago. But yet, some reboots have been better than the originals. Dredd is a prime example of that.

Here’s the RoboCop 2014 trailer. See for yourself and judge what you think.

The film looks promising, but I have some reservations. There’s plenty to like about the trailer, but a couple reservations too:

1 – they go out of their way to explain, in the first trailer, why RoboCop makes the change over to the dark metal instead of the signature silver. There’s no need for that. If you were actually designing a RoboCop for use in real life, you’d probably go with black to make him harder to see… but then, you probably wouldn’t give him a glowing red line across his visor.

2 – they have jets that help patrol the city, and yet, they’re just NOW creating a robot to go on patrol? This is the first time they’re thinking to put robotics on a human body? Technology’s a funny thing, but that just doesn’t line up for me.

Things I did really enjoy:

1 – the inclusion of a motorcycle, which leaves room for far more bad-ass sequences than if he were riding around in a cruiser/car.

2 – Michael Keaton’s role looks very promising. I’ve seen him do some movies in the past 20 years that I’m sure he’s not proud of, and he looks like his old self again.

3 – Samuel L Jackson. He makes everything better.

4 – the inclusion of the big ED-209 robot like they had in the original film.


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