Picking the top 10 films by Robert Downey Jr is a tall task. Whether he’s the main character, a side-kick or just a weirdo who shows up in bits, he’s one of the best actors of our generation, and here is a list of his top films.

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Honorable Mentions:

Good Night And Good Luck (great movie, though his character was a minor role);
Wonder Boys (under-rated flick, but doesn’t make the list);
Bowfinger (another under-rated flick, and he’s buried in the cast)

The List

10 – Charlie Bartlett

Some actors can’t handle playing second fiddle to an up-and-coming young actor, but Robert Downey Jr was under-stated in his role, which wasn’t a significantly meaty role, but it was an important part in a movie that turns out to be better than expected.

9 – Back To School

Great comedy from the 80’s, this would be higher on the list but it’s hard to attribute the success of this Rodney Dangerfield flick to RDJr, who was a side supporting character.

8 – A Scanner Darkly

Just because YOU didn’t understand it, doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good movie.

7 – The Soloist

Not his best performance as a news reporter, nor the best performance given in this film, Robert Downey Jr was really good in a very good film.

6 – Natural Born Killers

Played the smarmy role to perfection.

5 – Chaplin

It takes serious talent to portray such an iconic figure from film history.

4 – Tropic Thunder

Without his performance as Kirk Lazarus, I might not have enjoyed this movie, but his was a character I’ll never forget. I’m not great with quoting lines from films, but I’ll never forget when he said “I know who I am. I’m the dude playin’ the dude, disguised as another dude!”

3 – Zodiac

It may have been Jake Gyllenhaal who was the star that stirred the drink, but Robert Downey Jr’s character in the serial killer flick might be just as important and just as well executed. Why this movie doesn’t get more attention is beyond me.

2 – Sherlock Holmes

The fight scenes may be a bit out of place for one of history’s greatest fictional detectives, there’s no denying how entertaining those films are.

1 – Iron Man

Though the sequel is nowhere to be found on this list, Robert Downey Jr did a great job of embodying Tony Stark – both inside the suit and out. Iron Man appears to be a role he was born (and raised) to play.

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