I knew the day was coming, but I don’t think anything could have prepared me. In fact, I was certain it was going to be gone long before I heard the fateful words from the drive-thru guy at my local Taco Bell as I attempted to order a Naked Chicken Chalupa…

“Those are gone forever, man. I’m so sorry…”

His voice drifted off, knowing the dismay I was forced into experiencing. It wasn’t his fault, but he was the bearer of bad news. Nay, terrible news.

It’s perhaps the worst news I’ve ever heard at a Taco Bell drive-thru, so I wanted to take just a minute to remember the Naked Chicken Chalupa, which I would order two-at-a-time, with no tomatoes, extra Avocado Ranch.

They were the best. And now I have to go back to ordering regular Chalupas with chicken inside of it. I’ll take the carb-hit once or twice a month as I stray from my otherwise keto ways, but it would be so amazing if Taco Bell could simply bring it back as a full-time menu item. They can leave the Wild sauce in the retirement shelf, there’s no need for it. That stuff just took away from the flavor anyways.

When I rolled up to the window to pick up the Cinnamon Twists for my kid, the guy asked through the window if we needed any sauce. I lamented that there was no need, it would just pale in comparison to the Avocado Ranch anyway. With the empathy of someone who has experienced the trauma themselves, he disappeared for a moment and reappeared with a to-go portion of that beautiful green sauce he knew I fully appreciated. And while I say it’s no consolation, if I’m being real honest, it is a consolation, because Avocado Ranch is amazing.