Reviews from the Vault: Part 1

Just because a movie review isn’t new, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get the opportunity to read it and decide whether you want to see the film. Listed below are some quick summaries of movies past, revived from the vault. Click on the links to get the full reviews.

Killer Elite: 

So with a pretty interesting premise, three cool dudes, and what seems to be lots and lots of guns, this film seemed destined for total awesomeness. However, it’s all just dull.

Analyze This: 

I love good old mobster movies, especially mobster comedies. But the sad thing is that there hasn’t been many actual good ones, but this one is different. Cause it is actually good.

Half Nelson: 

When it comes to talking about great, Indie dramas, with power, this film should be the first to come into discussion.

The American: 

Seeing the trailers for this one, many were actually expecting a slam-bang action thriller, that never stopped moving from start-to-finish. However, just like this year’s film ‘Drive’, that wasn’t the case so much.

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