With the next chapter in the Resident Evil franchise set to hit stores in less than a month, Capcom has come out and detailed their post release support plan.  From the looks of it, Capcom has some big plans for Resident Evil 6.

Three new game modes are going to be added to the game through post-launch downloadable content.  All three modes will support up to 6 players and will be played using maps from the Mercenaries mode.  Capcom also confirmed that for now, these are exclusive to the 360, but it’s timed so PS3 and PC will see these at some point down the line.  Let’s get to the good stuff.  What can you expect in the DLC? Lets take a closer look:

Suvivors Mode: This one reminds me of what Crysis 3 showed off recently at Gamecom.  The idea is similar. Players that are killed respawn as enemies and in a twist, if you kill two humans you’ll respawn as a human.  The game ends when the last man/team is standing.

Predator Mode: One player takes the role of Ustanak, which from what I’ve seen looks like a crazy version of Nemesis.  The objective for the other players is to take down Ustanak or manage to survive to the end of the match.

Siege Mode: Kind of like an escort mission, this mode has two teams, one as human and the other as enemies.  There’s an NPC character that the humans need to protect while the enemies try to take that NPC out.

From what I can tell, it looks like Capcom is moving away from the “alternative costume” DLC barrage they typically do.  They also say that they’re stopping the whole DLC on disk policy that they tried to hide all these years.  As of right now, I tend to believe them based on the information above, but still you just never know.  They’ve shaken the trust factor and it’s going to take some time to earn it back.  We seem to be heading in the right direction however.

Resident Evil 6 hits stores on Oct 2, but if you can’t wait to kill some zombies, a demo will be out later this month.

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