She’s got a name and a face you might not immediately recognize, but Rebecca Hall is rising in stature in Hollywood, making her someone you need to be familiar with if you’re not already.

She’s the type of girl-next-door that you probably wouldn’t think about dating until you had met her and seen how much her personality could light up a room.

Here are some movies we’ve noticed her in, and why we look forward to her future performances.

Her largest role in a mainstream film: THE TOWN

Great flick, and although she was out-acted by Blake Lively in the film, Hall had the bigger, more important role.

Smaller role in a great flick you should see: THE PRESTIGE

One of Christopher Nolan’s finer pieces of work, Rebecca Hall didn’t have a huge role, but it was an instrumental role in the course of the plot.

Film that might surprise you: VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA

What are the odds that Javier Bardem would consider taking a third option when the first two options are Scarlett Johansson and Penelope Cruz? In this Woody Allen flick which doesn’t seem like a typical Woody Allen flick, Rebecca Hall finds a way to make it seem plausible.

Not-So-Uplifting Movie That Strays from Type-casting: EVERYTHING MUST GO

Sure, this flick is more about Will Ferrell than it is about Rebecca Hall’s character, but it’s through her portrayal of the neighbor that the film is able to let the plot unfold and change really occur.

Where we first noticed her: STARTER FOR 10

She was the character that James McAvoy should’ve fallen in love with, before the amazingly attractive Alice Eve made it impossible for him to look elsewhere.

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